Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I love reflections, especially in the water.  Seeing as this is still the weekend and I’m wrapping up Hong Kong month.  There were a few more photos from Ocean Park that was all about REFLECTIONS, but this time its the magic of REFLECTIONS in the mirror.



Thats right! I do that sometimes when I don’t want to buy something. I try it on and take a picture for memories.

Its usually funky hats or headbands in this case.  Do you do it?

Next up, I took you to Sea Jelly Spectacular in Part 2: Ocean Park.  The key to that exhibit was how it was a kaleidoscope concept so we were surrounded by mirrors.


No one did this when I was there.  Everyone was mesmerized by the actual tank of jellyfish and I was too.

The wall around us was full of mirrors.  Just look at this reflection…isn’t it amazing?


Can you tell which one is the actual tank and which one is the reflection?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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  2. I don’t personally try stuff on and take photos of myself, but I work in retail and see people do it all the time. It winds me up!!! 😉


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