Massive Food Review: DIM SUM!!

Have you heard of Dim sum? Do you like it?  If you are in Hong Kong, you can have the best Dim sum no matter where you go (or almost everywhere).  I don’t eat Chinese food in Montreal so there is no Dim sum eating unless I go to Toronto or Ottawa, and we’re talking about 6 hours and 2 hour drive respectively.  Its not a very frequent trip that I make.

In Hong Kong, its normal to eat this every single day, but of course I did not although it was a good amount of it.  I really like it so much in Hong Kong.  Instead of giving you multiple restaurant reviews, I decided to combine it all into one.

These are the restaurants that I visited:

1) Federal Palace at Citygate Outlets

2) Star Seafood Restaurant at Tai Wai

3) Jing Hua Restaurant at Mongkok

4)  Star Seafood Restaurant at Shau Kei Wan

I also went to another one but there are no pictures for them and they are:

5) Red Seasons at Lam Tei/Tuen Mun


For the star of the post, DIM SUM!!

Have you tried any of this? Whats your favorite dim sum?

13 thoughts on “Massive Food Review: DIM SUM!!

  1. We tried dim sum in Toronto once. It was an exercise in mystery since we had no idea what we were choosing and the servers spoke very little English. We liked everything we tried and were astonished it was so cheap!


  2. Kim, your fine post has reminded me that I need to visit one of the many amazing Asian restaurants on London Road in Sheffield forthwith.

    We even have one helpfully named ‘Dim Sum’, which rather takes the guess work out of things for me…


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