Hong Kong: Kowloon Walled City Park

I’m not sure anyone has heard of this park, but its a very great place to see a part of Hong Kong history.  It was once an area that is now only preserved in ruins.

This was what it looked like before:



It has multiple gardens and trails to walk through.  Here’s the gallery of it so you get an idea.  I”ll explain what it all is at the bottom:

There’s old-fashioned buildings, which was close the day I went, so wasn’t many pictures of the almshouse except for the connecting garden with bonsai.  Here in the gallery, you have the Chinese Zodiac Garden.  You walk around the path and its all the animals of the Zodiac carved in stone.  I’m a tiger so I’m featuring that one.  Do you know which Chinese Zodiac you are?

Another feature is the Chess Garden.  I’m guessing if you had enough people you could do a live version of it.  If not, you could bring your pieces, and there are stone seats on all four sides with Chinese Chess boards carved in the middle.  Have you played Chinese Chess?

Other than that, there was a stone bridge that flowed over that little stream that flowed through the upper level and around the little Chinese-style booth.

So for the finale, in the beginning, I showed you the Walled City before it was in ruins. So what does it look like now? They only were able to find the original foundation stone structure along with the sign saying “Kowloon Walled City” and the :South Entrance” plaque.





This was pretty much the last site I got to see in Hong Kong.  There was a temple that I made a short visit before this but I didn’t get many pictures so I’ll use it with other stuff.  One more blog to wrap up Hong Kong month! Come back soon to check it out, it’ll have lots of yummy food!



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