Part 2: Ocean Park Hong Kong

When we get off the Ocean Express, we are at the summit of the park. This is where the fun begins.  If you are into roller coasters, here is where you’ll find all those goodies.  I wasn’t there for the amusement park and still I didn’t have time to finish seeing everything. So I’m telling you right now, its BIG! Ocean Park has developed in a crazy way.  There are rides, performing shows with dolphins and seals, walruses, you name it! and they also have a bird show.

First stop at the summit: THE RAINFOREST

I’ve never been to the rainforest (although I’d love to go one day) but here’s what seems to be there. There are little cute monkeys, lots of insects, spiders, frogs, and snakes etc.  And to make things feel just even more awesome: we have the Toucan.  I love Toucans! Just look at how beautiful they are!

Another worth mentioning is Hercules Beetle up there, he is the strongest animal in the world proportional to his size. He can lift 850 times his own body weight.  Amazing stuff, right?

The rainforest was a new addition in the last 3 years so to me, it was still new.  But the next part is the fresh addition apparently.

We’re heading into Polar Spectacular where we have North and South Pole in two separate exhibits but right next to each other.  I was really excited because I read in the newspaper that they had new baby walrus additions to their families.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them.  So it made this area a little more normal.

In North Pole, we have our seals and walruses.  The amazing part was that you walked into this tunnel right under where they swam so it felt like you were underwater.  Just look at this, it felt amazing!



Then in the South Pole, we had penguins.  They had water splashed all over the glass so it was hard to take good pictures. Here’s one to see these penguins, there were also emperor penguins.



After that, we walked to the other side and went to one of the original exhibits (in my memory): The Pacific Pier. Have you seen the coast of San Francisco with all the seals sunbathing on the rock? I’ve heard that doesn’t happen anymore, I’m not sure if thats true.  But this part is exactly like that. Except they have people go in to take care of them and feed them to make them do a few tricks.



After that we got a bit lost looking for the next exhibit, in the middle we took the ride to see the view around Ocean Park and it was beautiful.



Eventually we did find our way and was the last group to go in to see the SEA JELLY SPECTACULAR! I love this one a lot!

After that was time to go back to the main area on Cable Car and we get the beautiful night view as we took it down. I’m frightfully scared of heights so when we hit the ending area going downhill, I always feel a bit edgy.  I was so glad to reach land…only to be able to catch the Water Fountain Show with fireworks and spitting fire and projections.

That was my fun day at Ocean Park. If you want to visit the Part 1, you can click HERE

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