Nothing can stop me now, I’m a winner! UPDATES!!

nanowrimo chartDecember is here!

November went by in style for me.  I can now calmly and tell you in full consciousness that I won NANOWRIMO. Woohoo! I validated my word count last night nearing 11pm with 50,104 words.  Maybe that doesn’t sound amazing to you.  I just screenshot the chart of word count for you.  Look at it!

On last Sunday night, I wanted to quit.  I had about 5,000 words written.  Let me tell you again. We need 50,000 words by the end of November 30th.  Seriously, it was crazy, only 10% was done.  Yesterday, even though I was still working really hard to catch up and make a last minute win, I still had doubts with less than 40,000 words done. Believe me, I had another blog already written in my mind. Honestly,  it didn’t matter at that point if I actually made it across the finish line and won because for one thing, my goal this year was to beat my 23,000ish words from last year.  I did that around Wednesday, but face it, even at 25,000, I was only halfway there with less than two days to write the second half of the novel. Seriously, I had the title of the post even if I lost.  It would’ve have been, “I Lost But I Won”.  You know why I say that? I was at 5000 words at the beginning of the week.  Even if I ended with 30,000 words, it basically took me one week to get this all down on paper. I have achieved the impossible in my mind.

Winner-180x180Now you know what? When there is a will, things will happen for you.  I put all my focus and energy on this.  I breathed my novel and every word of it.  I wrote standing up on a crowded bus and my brain was constantly thinking of scenarios for what to happen next.  So to everyone who thinks there are impossible things out there, some times you just need to step back and take it step by step. My novel happened with every 1000 words countdown and its finished! You want something to happen: you need to focus and strive for it! There were people who thought I was crazy but sometimes, you need a bit of that “don’t care what happens” attitude to make things happen.  That definitely happened yesterday when I managed to get more than 12000 words down to reach the finish!

I’m a Winner! Yay! This was a long week of self control and perseverance and now it deserves an intermission for a victory dance.


On another note, Hong Kong month was the focus of November.  I tried post every day and for the most part, it worked.  This last week did stop me a bit from posting as much. I will try to finish off Hong Kong posts this weekend and on Monday, we start CHRISTMAS MONTH!! I already have a Christmas movie marathon with over 20 movies.  This time I’ll do it a bit different from the Halloween movies and try to review them all.  Of course, baking and cooking resumes now that I’m back at home.  I’ll head out in town to get some photography done and hopefully share some of Montreal’s Christmas festivities! Expect a lot more crafts near the middle of this month, I’ll be making gifts for the family once I figure out what to do exactly!

Just a short update for everyone!

Have a great weekend and I’ll be checking in soon!

4 thoughts on “Nothing can stop me now, I’m a winner! UPDATES!!

  1. Congratulations on the win, I didn’t quite make it myself. I can’t imagine doing the word counts you pulled off at the end there. But I had work and such getting in the way too.

    Way to go, hope to see your work in “print” some day.

    Loving you writing style on the posts.


    • Thanks! I surprised myself. I seriously was ready to lose on the last day.

      Oh, trust me, work got in the way. I had a work deadline also so with overtime and everything, sleep was what got sacrificed mostly.

      I actually don’t intend on printing it but I do want to edit and revise and just keep it for myself (and maybe others) to enjoy when I’m satisfied with it.

      Glad you like my style! Thats means a lot! I’ll definitely try to write more full-on posts. Changes are happening here so you’re always welcome to come back and check out my stuff.


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