Hong Kong: Lamma Island Part 3/3 Food

I am focused on baking and cooking so being on travel, I have to give you some coverage on food. You already know that since I already put up two food reviews.  Maybe I`ll start doing that once in a while if I find some good restaurants or some extremely bad ones, just to give out some warning.  Travelling and eating is something I love.  Lamma Island was awesome.  Unfortunately I didn`t end up having a crazy seafood meal.

Here`s what I had:


Say hi to my mom. She modeled for this one.  You know what that is? That is called Iced Pineapple. Its pretty much frozen pineapple to the point that when you bite in, it just gives you close to a brain freeze each time.  It was very good and refreshing when it was about 32C and hiking up a hill.  If you do this trail, remember to grab one of those.

We were hiking so restaurants on the mountains were not quite as abundant but we had about 45 mins till our boat left from Sok Kwu Wan.  That gave us enough time to eat a simple early dinner at this place.



It is probably not the best restaurant but I didn’t have the English name of the restaurant so upon research on OpenRice.  Here’s the link for better reference: http://www.openrice.com/english/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=8241.  Just in case you do visit and want to eat there.  Although I’ve heard the more popular one is Rainbow Seafood.  I took a picture of it in the Seafood post.  They seem to have an extremely wide selection of fresh seafood.

Okay, so back to Tong Kee Restaurant.  We took noodles and drinks.  I apologize in advance because my mom and her friends beat me to one of the noodles before I could take a picture so I only have one of them.

To start, we had a nice icy drink:

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE drinks in Hong Kong called Ice Lemon Ribena.

For those who don’t know, Ribena is a blackcurrant juice.  They also make mixed berries and blackcurrant soft candies now.  Anyways, this is an amazing drink.  I’m simple, ok? I just love it because its fruity, a bit zesty and refreshing on a hot day.

Now for the main dish(es).

Chicken Chow Mein

I don’t understand why they decided to order chicken in a seafood area but its okay.  This place didn’t focus exactly on abundance of seafood.  So its alright.  This dish was rather delicious.  I thought it was a bit salty but it was done well texture-wise.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The second plate was (I think) a Beef Vermicelli dish.  I’m having a foggy memory of it.  You see why I take pictures now.  I ate so much in Hong Kong I don’t even remember what we ate.  It was an okay dish all in all.  Thats probably why I don’t remember much.

Tong Kee is a diner sort of restaurant so its not about seafood here. You usually would get a quick fix of noodles or fried rice at places like this.  We definitely had a filling early dinner and we were ready to set off back home. There is one last thing I’d like to mention about eating in Lamma Island in general, Tong Kee included.  You want to eat outside by the water. Its part of the whole experience.  You see fishing boats all over the place. If you dine there, you see the sunset.  I showed you the sunset in the Part 1 Trail post and wasn’t it gorgeous?

Before I leave, let me remind you again:

The beauty of outlying islands is the more quiet lifestyle.  You get to escape the tall buildings, the immense crowds and the general lack of natural beauty.  For a day at Lamma Island, it was a day to relax from the bustling ways of the big city and get back in touch with the simple things in life.

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