Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Yesterday afternoon, I received a little surprise in my email asking for what inspired me to blog.  My blog doesn’t really have a specific focus anymore  (I’m not sure it ever did) but it is all about things that I love and its about sharing these little things that make everyday spark up some small joy in my life.  I hope to give everyone something uplifting whether it be through photos, travel, baking and foods, movies, sometimes even writing.  Sharing the things in my life and hoping that someone enjoys it just as much as I do inspires me; seeing others around me happy inspires me.  Nature inspires me so I travel and take pictures.  My friends, boyfriend and mom’s smiles inspire me  to cook for them.  Movies and writing helps me express and always find something to enjoy out of it and that inspires me when I can hear my thoughts and others expressed.  I don’t know how to express that as a photo but here’s a few that I think could show my inspiration!



Quick pictures my boyfriend snapped of me on vacation with (and without) my camera!

Inspiration is a tricky thing but once you find it, you know you’re set to do what you want! Most of all, you all inspire me everyday: your likes and your comments, even just seeing people viewing it.  It is American Thanksgiving as I’m posting this.  So allow me to say THANK YOU! Its part of what keeps me going!

6 thoughts on “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

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