Hong Kong: Snoopy’s World

On Tuesday afternoon, I ended up going to Shatin where there is the New Town Plaza. By chance, we exited at the Snoopy’s World. I’ve been around this area a lot and I’ve always wanted to stop here to see it. Unfortunately, when I went before, I never had the chance. This time, I realized that its free. Its a Peanuts themed playground for children.

Aside from that, there are also little games and jungle gym for children.  The decor around it include lampposts with little Woodstock and Snoopy around.

Its lots of fun stuff here. We all need a bit of Peanuts to keep a bit of the child in us. I loved being surrounded by Peanuts cast everywhere. There were a few girls taking their graduation pictures there.

That was my Tuesday in Hong Kong! Awesomeness, right? What do you think of Snoopy? Do you enjoy Peanuts also?

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