Hong Kong: Yuen Yuen Institute & Western Monastery

This is going to be backlogged quite a bit. It’s Friday today and I’m posting about Tuesday. Hopefully, there will be some space to catch up because there isn’t much touristic value to seeing family. They were the main reason I went to Hong Kong but they will not be the central point of what I post here. No worries though, there more than enough to post up.

So we start off after visiting my grandma in the morning, we went to pays respects to family at Yuen Yuen Institute where my dad and my grandfather’s ashes are. Yuen Yuen Institute is a tourist attraction even though it’s main value is for cremated ancestors and a place to settle them. It is made very nice.

For me, the treasure is right next door, which is another temple called Western Monastery. From the bottom, it looks like you walked into Tibet Lhasa, according to my mom and aunt. A lot of people say that apparently, but it does look grand regardless of what others say.

This monastery has a lot of goddess statues and very nice architectural structure.

There is a lot of nice design and colors, bridges and waters, lots of turtles soaking in the sun.  Its really worth the visit.  It doesn’t seem to be a popular location, I think.  At least not as popular as Yuen Yuen Institute.  Is that true? Has anyone heard of either of these places? Do you like visiting temples and seeing the traditions of countries that you visit?


8 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Yuen Yuen Institute & Western Monastery

  1. Great photos, Kim!
    I have never heard of either place but would love to visit that monastery. Nature and culture are my main interests in a holiday. My favorite holiday country is England. Old and weathered ruins, castles… yes!


  2. It’s very strange that not more tourists are going to these 2 temples. I been there today and I was the only foreigner there. it’s very beautifully built and much more interesting to watch then some of the ‘mainstream’ temples in Hong Kong.


    • That is very true. However, it is out of the way than the mainstream temples. Have you been to Chi Lin Nunnery? That one has the Nan Lian Garden attached next to it and I believe that one has more visitors since its near the MTR station.


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