A Word A Week Challenge: Love

I’m back with my first photography post since I arrived in Hong Kong.  I have a few that I’m setting up but lack of internet has made it had to do it.  I’m drafting it and then I’ll go and use the 30 minutes of free wi-fi I can find usually.

Back to this week’s challenge from Sue at A Word in Your Ear.  You can click on the link I put there to join the challenge.  This week her dictionary landed on LOVE.  Love is the reason why I’m in Hong Kong because it was my love for my family that I’m here.  Vacation was the reason I used but it was mostly to visit my grandmother and relatives and well, to spend a vacation with my mom as well.  Things have been rough in Hong Kong and because of work, I haven’t been able to be back.  Today was definitely hard because its been only 3 years and you feel how time has flown by and taken a lot away from someone I love and care about a lot-my grandma.

Another thing that I love Hong Kong for is the food.  Chinese food here is just amazing and delicious.  In Montreal, I can never eat any of the chinese food without having a really quick trip to the washroom but here, its just heavenly.  My favorite is dimsum here.  The only time, I’m willing to eat it everyday and still have immense love for it.

One of my favorite is Steamed Pork Dumplings ( I think thats the name)

There is still lots of LOVE as I haven’t seen all my relatives yet as I’ll be seeing my other grandma (my dad’s mom) tomorrow along with my aunt and uncle.  It’ll be fun!

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