Halloween Party!

Halloween is just in a few days. I’m not a child and I don’t have kids so I won’t be out trick or treating. Although this year rumour has it that no one will be going since we expect the hurricane to hit here around Tuesday or Wednesday. But, on to happier things…

As you may have known from previous post, I went to a Halloween party yesterday night at my boyfriend’s sister’s place. It was amazing, seriously. The theme was famous characters. We had a range of characters of the following: Buzz Lightyear, The Scarecrow, Little Red Riding Hood (×2), Big Bad Wolf, the Pope, Greek god, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and the Dictator.  We also had Beetlejuice and the bride.

Buzz Lightyear



There was also Uma Thurman and Samuel Jackson’s characters from Pulp Fiction which was my boyfriend and his sister.

Pulp Fiction

So through that whole line up there was also one characters that I haven’t mentioned. That’s my character.  A lot of people thought I was Lara Croft.  My boyfriend’s dad thought I was Claire from Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Alice in Apocalyse

The effort was incredible by everyone. They had a secret vote of everyone’s favorite costume and the Dictator won.

Dictator, Little Red Riding Hood, & co.

Beetlejuice was really in characters when he walked through the door and throughout the night. When Jason and Michael Myers entered, the room seriously went quiet and just stared at them walk by with their masks and machete and knife respectively. I think everyone was trying to figure out who was behind the masks. It was epic.

That was a little recap of the Halloween party.  I apologize for the pictures being dark.  The lights were dim and second reason is that I didn’t really tell anyone I would post up their snapshots so I tried to avoid any full on front shots to keep some privacy for them.  At least you all get the idea of the costumes.

Being Alice rocked especially when it was quite an easy costume to put together.  I think this is ranked as one of the best Halloween parties ever!

What did you think of these costumes? Did you or will you be going to any parties or dressing up? What are you going to be?

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