Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I’ve been really cutting low on the travelling in the last few years.  My last far away trip was to Egypt in 2010 and I’ve posted endless amounts of pictures about it.

Foreign brings up languages.  I love foreign languages: the writing, the linguistic aspect of it, the origin..that sort of thing. The foreign characters of other languages are all so different but yet so distinct.  Have you ever seen an unknown language and could determine what language it is without actually being able to read it?

On the wall of the Library of Alexandria are symbols of other languages

The power of a unique language to a country is what brings together a country.  In Chinese history, the first emperor in the Qin Dynasty, Huang Di or Yellow Emperor is credited many inventions but he is acknowledged also for the initiation of the first Chinese character writing system.  Before that, it was a scatter of written language.  Think about it, China has 52 dialects but one written language.  If the written language wasn’t unified, there would be a huge communication problem.

Other than language, we have architecture, foods, instruments, transportation…take a look at my pictures from 2007 from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Interesting bridge, no?

Karaoke in Taiwan had buffet with yummy Taiwanese dessert –>shaved ice with red beans

Cute instrument..I ended up buying a smaller version of it

One of my favorite forms of transport in Hong Kong and cheapest also!

I’m not sure if I’m going on the topic of DIFFERENT or FOREIGN anymore but all these things were foreign to me before and its foreign to me because in my Canadian environment, I haven’t been exposed to it.

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