Daily Prompts are Back: One thing I hope people never say about me!

As of yesterday, it was announced that daily prompts has made its comeback.  I’m really happy.

Last year, on January 19th, 2011, it was the daily prompts post a week challenge that got me started into being a dedicated blogger.  Lets just say it was my initiation (link to that first post).   I didn’t really get anywhere with that as I didn’t get involved as it was just a form of self-expression.  When I entered 2012, I had to work up my imagination and creativity and figure out how to keep this blog going without any more of those prompts.  Its thanks to that that I’ve not only gotten all you wonderful followers and I get to meet others through their own blogs and their fantastic contents.

Yesterday’s topic I just realized coincided with the A Word A Week Challenge about what is the most precious thing I’ve lost.  My dog is definitely a part of it.  2010 was a horrible year.   I lost my cat earlier that year and experienced the death of my 22 year old friend from unknown reasons and the death of my aunt in Hong Kong from sickness within the same month.  It was just depressing.  BUT it was also what made me want to have changes in 2011 and motivated me to connect with others.  When you hit the bottom, the only way you’re going to go is up.

Today’s daily prompt question is: What is the one thing you hope people never say about you?

I’m human.  As much as I don’t try to reveal in my posts, I have buckets of flaws.  Some I know I can keep in check most of the time and not exert too much on my friends.  One thing I know I would never hope for people to say about me, and is also now how I choose the people in my life that I associate with, is being a “drain”.  Do you know what a drain is? It was some time last year, I had written a post about friends.  The link is here if you’d like to give it a quick read.

The last paragraph says it perfectly about Drains and Radiators.  I would hate for my friends to say that I’m a drain.  I really would feel offended and saddened by that.  That post was written in April 2011 and I read it over again and it ended as I don’t know how to define my friends back then.  I’m telling you that after more than a year, I have been able to figure that much out.  I can detect drains in my friends most of the time.

Drains are people that take away your energy.  During a conversation, they are negative and depressing to talk to.  They are not encouraging and always find something wrong in their lives.  They continuously complain and there just never seems to be something good in their lives.  I understand that people have problems and we all do.  Life throws us curveballs all the time.  The difference is that some people talk about their problems but they are able move past and find a way out.  Find some uplifting aspect to move us forward and change or extract themselves from whatever bothers them.  They will have happy moments and positive thoughts to share also.  I haven’t had a chance to read through The Secret yet, but I’ve heard that the idea behind it is that when you are negative and say negative things, you are attracting negativity and things will just get worse and feel worse.  That is what a drain will do to you.  Their negativity will impact you and make you feel horrible about what you have already.  I once finished having a conversation with a “drain” and I went home and burst into tears then went into this ugly mood.  Now that you somewhat have an idea as to what a drain is, you can see why I don’t want to be labelled as that EVER.

How could I ever think about being a person that doesn’t bring a smile to someone’s face or encourage and support for people I care about but instead drag them into the same ditch.  I always want to be a happy  person to my friends. You know, the radiator that picks up others and gives them a little smile.  I’ve learned that being positive pays off.  Everything negative usually will have a positive turn and it just depends on whether you can change your mindset.

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