Halloween Movie Marathon Follow-up Stats!

Just a short post as a recap/follow-up!

I was curious during the last segment on that day off that I took on how the 3 parts would reflect in the general public score boards.  I used IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes as the main statistics review to see which list was the most widely accepted by the public on average.  Lets check it out!

(If you haven’t seen the list yet, I have linked it back to the 3 parts.)

Part 1: Animated Movie Marathon

IMDB: 7.15/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 72.56% (this was over 9 movies because there wasn’t a rating for Garfield Halloween Adventure)

Highlights of this list:

– Kiki’s Delivery Service has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

– It’s the Great Pumpkin had 93%

– Ichabod and Mr. Toad had 92%

Corpse Bride is CERTIFIED FRESH at 84%.

Coraline is also CERTIFIED FRESH at 90%.

Part 2: Thrillers

IMDB: 7.6625/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 78.375%

Some highlights on this list:

– The Others is CERTIFIED FRESH at 84%.

– Silence of the Lambs CERTIFIED FRESH at 96%.

– Paprika is CERTIFIED FRESH at 83%.

– Buried also CERTIFIED FRESH at 86%.

– Sixth Sense CERTIFIED FRESH at 85%.

Part 3: Intense Horror

IMDB: 6.52/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 50.44% (over 9 movies because Three Extremes are not rated)

A few highs (and low):

– 28 Days Later is CERTIFIED FRESH at 88%.

– Pulse was the lowest scoring in all 3 lists with 10%.

– Dawn of the Dead is CERTIFIED FRESH at 75%.

So thrillers was the best list and most widely appreciated.  Do you think so? I thought that list was pretty good.  I’m a huge fan of thrillers so I guess it helps that I’m a bit more analytical when it comes to that.  Rotten Tomatoes had it almost all Certified Fresh, which is always a good sign, right?

For the horror, I’m still a baby at it but I’m sure that there are lot of better ones.  I’m easily scared so horrors are challenging regardless of how crazy they really set out to be.  I also believe the the horror genre is always the hardest to suggest as its also the most subjective.  My boyfriend and I had this huge discussion about that.  Some people who believe strongly (or mildly) in religion will get spooked out by demon possession.  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai (I can’t really categorize them in general as Asian) would believe mostly in spirits and ghosts and thats why you see these aspects so vividly.  Our horrors in Chinese are literally translated as “Ghost Movie”.  We believe the existence and how they have unfinished business and therefore was unable to cross over and reincarnate.  Some people enjoy blood and gore, so slasher flicks are the way to go.

I really was just curious on how the lists were to the general public.  Was there any inspired choices? Were you surprised at the averages of the lists? Do you ever have movies that you feel were great but reviews/general public thought different about or vice versa?

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