Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Silhouettes are the outlines of an object.  Many times we get that through having a brighter or more brightly lit background and it contrasts the closer images to be darker.  I really like these effects in pictures but then I don’t use them a lot because you can’t have silhouettes of everything and not see the details and the actual image, right?

Saying that, I do have a few that I’ve taken.  Some are from past festivals that I’ve been to and one was from this summer.  I had posted a similar picture in a previous post about my trip up north of Quebec to Saguenay Lac Saint Jean region.  Its probably one of my favorites shots I’ve ever taken.

Silhouette of the crowd on Formula 1 Weekend at night in 2010


Silhouette of my neighborhood park with the sunset during an evening stroll with my mom


Green River Ordinance opening performance for Boyce Avenue Concert at Metropolis

A snapshot of the silhouette of one of the band members!


An evening walk at Vieux Chicoutimi in Saguenay Lac Saint Jean region this summer.

Don’t you think sunsets are just the most beautiful? The silhouettes it creates are also the most enchanting and attractive, calm and peaceful.  All sorts of great feelings!



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