A Word A Week Challenge: Food

This week’s A Word A Week Challenge by Sue from A Word In Your Ear is FOOD!  Join in if you’re interested, all the details are on her blog.

I take pictures of food all the time.  I just love eating and trying new things. This year, I already went to 3 weddings.  For me, thats a big deal.  Usually, I might go to one a year and sometimes simply none.  Its alright, I don’t mind.  The one aspect of going to weddings is that they always seem to have different food to match the style of the venue and the tastes of the bride and groom.

THE FIRST WEDDING: I was my mom’s plus one pretty much for one of her really good friend’s son’s wedding.  I know him too just not a whole lot.  It was at a more Italian owned venue in Montreal East.  We had a cocktail reception type of thing full of appetizers and it was a buffet, then they had Chinese food catered there.

THE SECOND WEDDING: This one is for one of my friend’s.  It was a wonderful wedding in July, on the same weekend is the International Dragonboat Festival so I was going crazy running to do one race then running back home to change and drive 1.5 hours to his wedding in Bécancour, Quebec.  I attended the wedding ceremony at a Catholic Church then we all moved on to the dinner reception at a sugar shack.  The meal had a soup appetizer then was chicken with salad and mashed potatoes followed by a cupcakes.  It was really fun although I had to leave early to get back home to prepare for day 2 of race day.

THE THIRD WEDDING: I was also my mom’s plus one but I used to actually be okay friends with the bride when we went to Chinese School together.  This one was held at a hotel in Downtown Montreal Holiday Inn.  The venue was really pretty with shades of pink lights on the wall.  It had catered Chinese food as well.  I actually didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures of the food, only the Chinese appetizers on my plate.  The little gift that they gave was a box of customized M&M’s with their names on it.  Cute stuff, right?

Now for all of you, did you go to any weddings this year? Was the reception good? Did anyone else have a busy year for weddings?

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