Pumpkin Inferno!

So continues the Halloween month, right? Its not only going to be movies, as you saw with my Japanese Pavillion post.

On Sunday evening, my boyfriend and I drove over to Morrisburg, Ontario (about a 2 hour drive) to go see Pumpkin Inferno at Upper Canada Village.  Pumpkin Inferno is this year’s event from 6:30pm – 9:30pm and it features a little trail in the dark with  jack-o-lanterns.  Maybe you don’t think its impressive but check this out: 6000 Jack O Lanterns everyone! Thats is a lot! On top of that, there were different themes as we walked along.  Some were multiple pumpkins put together to shape up a person, a thing, a creature, an animal, etc.  It was pretty amazing! If anyone is in the area, you definitely should check it out! My suggestion though (something my boyfriend and I forgot to do) is to dress warm.  You are in the middle of nowhere so its cold.

I took it as a little night shooting, to get to know my camera just a little better also.  Here are a few to share with you!

It was a little trail with different themes and scenarios.  I showed you a few here in somewhat of the correct order.  The first part was a Sound and Light Show and it was really amazing.  After that was a Haunted Mill and dived under the sea.  We went into heritage town with totem poles.  Then, we walked through Candyland, to insect world, into the Wild West with Zombie Westerns.  We went to China and Egypt (even Polynesia, but I didn’t add that here).  We saw the Headless Horseman and Mermaids guarding the bridge to safety.

There’s a lot more than what I showed here.  It was pretty cool.  They even had pirates and their treasure and clocks, zombie weddings and RCMPs, Lizards and Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.  It was all so beautiful.  My pictures really don’t do this event justice.  I highly recommend it to those around the area.  Dress up and go out! If you have kids, bring them along! I think for us, we saw only one other couple without kids, if not, they were there to do photo shooting with all their gear.

Nice little tour to ring in Halloween, right?

8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Inferno!

    • Thanks! I was actually worried they wouldn’t turn out well because my hands were getting so cold. Glad you like them!

      As for something with pumpkin, I’m thinking about it. Just not sure what yet. I do have a few ideas. Any suggestions?

      I will have some Halloween goodies that I’ll bake for the Halloween party I’ll be going to next week!


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