A Word a Week Challenge: Different

The blog A Word in Your Ear has initiated a new challenge called A Word A Week Challenge.  A Word a Week is essentially where she opens her dictionary and chooses a word and then it could be a photo, story, poem to describe it in each person’s way.

I’m taking this as a photo challenge since I don’t seem to post as much other than the Weekly Photo Challenges.  So here’s to a new challenge to work out.

I think the place that I went to first time and gave me a whole new view on the world and its culture was Egypt, check it out:


Carvings on the wall at Kom Ombo and I mean every single wall in the temples at it.

On a horse carriage ride, we went through the alleyways of Edfu to go to the Edfu temple

Living in Canada, we forget about the living conditions outside.  I knew that we were pampered but I cannot imagine myself living there.

In North America, we usually use cows, ox, horses to do the hard work but in Egypt, its donkeys.  I even saw a man riding one.

This is the Old Citadel.  Egypt has a different religion, naturally the sacred building is different.

That was the quick tour of Egypt through my camera.

In Egypt, it was a culture shock.  Some things that happened I was not able to capture.

It was definitely an eye-opener.

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