Where are you, Photo Challenge?

I don’t know where the Weekly Photo Challenge went and I’m guessing it’ll come up eventually…I don’t know.  Its alright, because another awesome fellow blogger, thirdeyemom took the matters into her own hands and gave us a topic–COLOURS.

We definitely need some of that with Fall kicking into gear over here in Montreal.  Its been rainy and gloomy for starters.  Where are you, sun? Where are you, moon? Clouds, can we have a discussion about you moving out of the way?  Its Moon/Mid-autumn Festival today and I’d really like to admire the full moon to fully enjoy the Chinese tradition.

What to do but to add some colors by past photos:

We’ll start this COLOURS theme with the Ottawa Tulip Festival (taken in 2010):

Then we jump over to the Ocean Park in Hong Kong featuring hot air balloons in 2009:

Last I’m bringing you all back home to Montreal at the Biodome for these beautiful colorful parrots from August 2012:

Join into this challenge by linking back to thirdeyemom‘s blog!  A big THANKS to her for doing thinking this up!

11 thoughts on “Where are you, Photo Challenge?

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