Weekly Photo Challenge:Everyday Life

Every single day we all do different things, follow some sort of routine.  Even people who don’t live with a routine, its their irregular times that make their routine.  No matter what type of person you are or wherever you are, we all have the basic needs.  These are the basics fulfilment of clothes, eating, housing, and transportation.  Fact is, there are always those things in our everyday life that doesn’t change, we will tend to take the same bus, car, bike, or whatever form of transport.  We will tend to have foods that circulate throughout the week that are the same because of culture or preferences.  We will tend to live at the same place, unless you recently moved, but our home will normally be a constant in our lives.  Our clothes may be around the same style for work, casual, sports, whatever is part of your routine.

I’ll use this to go on a little quest to look at the few objects in my life that stick around everyday of my life.  Let the camera everyday life journey commence:

EVERYDAY food: Steamed Rice

EVERYDAY electronics: My laptop (where (almost) all the online action is accomplished)

EVERYDAY music: my piano

EVERYDAY drink: Tea (my fave called Get Fresh Green by Tealish)

EVERYDAY companion: BOOKS (this week is Mockingjay)

We all have different little things that structure our everyday lives.  What are some of the things you spend a lot of time with?

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