Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Near and far gives me the impression of contrast of the two different focal points framed in a picture.  It could be anything.

In 2010, I went apple-picking with my boyfriend and his family and these are a few shots I took that make me think near and far…

Its apple picking season again! When we go looking for apples, we always look near and see the apples in the trees.

In the background, who gives notice to the apples that have already fallen from afar.

Near is the rows and rows of apple trees.  Far away we can see the backdrop of beautiful scenery with mountains and farmlands.

In addition, many times near and far also gives me the impression of an elongating scenery.  One where there is a line to follow into the horizon and ends off introducing another aspect.

Just exactly like when we follow a shoreline (or a path, a trail, etc) and it drops into the distance and turns into forests or just drops off and meets with the body of water.

On a side note, anyone craving a walk on the beach or an apple-picking day? I know I do!

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