Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Nature is everything.  We are free spirited when we are interacting and submerged in nature’s beauties and tranquility.  Its serenity and balance helps us to free our own spirits from the everyday urban worries.  We can release and just be ourselves.  With our free spirits, we can move on and be courageous for the next day.  We can challenge ourselves and accomplish that may have felt impossible.  We ignore all judgement from others and move forward freely to do what we want.

On Labour Day, my boyfriend and I went on a hike on Mont St-Bruno National Park.  It was 8.8km, nothing crazy.  But then whats any trail compared to the one we did in Saguenay (refer to Falls Trail).  This one didn’t require any climbing, just little hills (maybe steeper slopes here and there) and walking around 4 lakes.  I didn’t even feel that much like being in nature either because there was A LOT  of people hiking at the same time.

Okay, so back to free-spirit….I always think animals in their natural habitat are always free spirited.  Just look at the little chipmunk there.  So comfortable in his own little world playing and running around in the leaves.

Chipmunk that jumped in front of my boyfriend on the trail

There was an area where we finally reached an area with less people on the viewpoint for one of the lakes.  I always thought levitation/jumping pictures were extremely free-spirited in nature also.  So for you (Yes YOU, the wonderful person stopping by and reading this), I did this crazy thing despite thinking I was going to get mocked if someone actually turned around and saw me doing this and trying really  hard to disregard how ugly this could possibly turn out.

So that thats done. I just have to say, it was quite liberating and fun to do.  I think I’ll take more of these pictures.

All in the name of FREE SPIRIT, I give you a picture of me jumping up and reaching for the sky.

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