Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

As you saw in the last week’s challenge, Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple, my garden has a lot of flowers.  Flowers may change every once in a while in my garden especially the seasonal ones, but every year for as long as I remember, my mom had her vegetable garden area just to herself.  This year was no exception so the star of this week’s photo challenge is my mom’s vegetable garden to see how some vegetables are growing as summer gradually comes to an end.

Tomatoes: We can see the transition of growth from not ripe (green) to ripe (red)

Squash (not sure which kind)

Its a type of asian melon; something like a hairy melon of sorts.  You can see the flower that led to its growth bit by bit every day.

This stuff is amazing in soup.

The next star is the bitter melon.  This one is slightly deformed, usually its more elongated.

With some, the growth is hidden from us as this sweet potato plant.

We can only witness the growth of sweet potatoes when we dig it up at the end of the season

Of the most abundant ones right now is the prune tree.

With just a little portion of the tree in this shot, we already see a lot of prunes growing on every branch

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