Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This past weekend was very eventful.  It was race weekend for us.  Race being dragonboat race, as it was Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival.  At the same time, on Saturday, I had to drive out to the country for a friend’s wedding.

For starters, I was INSIDE  a church, Eglise St Gregoire in Becancour, Quebec.  This church was so beautiful and the wedding itself was done fantastic.

I’m also going to show you what happens inside the gates of the dragon boat races.



From behind the gates is where all the action starts, we line up under tents to go on our boats in whatever lane we are supposed to go on.  The dock marshal makes sure we board and enter the right race while the volunteers are there to help bring the boats in and help everyone out on the docks.  In between, they watch the races as they come in.  All the gear is there, we have life jackets ready for paddlers to pick up and paddles of different sizes in the buckets.  We can see how its blocked off to the water and there are spectators lining up on the side, reinforces how we are INSIDE the action.  Too bad I could not take pictures as I paddle or else now that would be pretty intense!

After a crazy weekend, yesterday after work, I think everyone was happy to be nice and cozy INSIDE their homes while a severe thunderstorm hit. My house was lucky and just lost electricity for 30 seconds or so. Between 10pm and 10:30pm I took these pictures from inside my living room…

This is the normal night while its just raining…

THEN…we have this…when lightning flashed and thunder rumbled away…

This happened pretty much for a good while.  This is what afternoon rainy weather looks like..

Trust me..this isn’t 5pm..its 10ish pm…

So you can bet in this weather, I’m happy to be INSIDE!!

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