Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Last night I went to the Train:California 37 Tour at the Metropolis with some friends.  I love Metropolis in general as a venue because it brings the crowd together and its always fun to be part of such an amazing crowd who is not scared to move and sing along with the performers.  Train was AMAZING! I think we (as the audience in whole) impressed them with all the cheering and screaming, our collective sing a longs that projected loud and clear to them.    If you are a Train fan, do go check out their tour if you have time if they visit near you, I highly recommend it.

Now back to the point of this post, when we go to a concert, there’s always MOVEMENT of some sort (especially when I’m referring to Pop/Rock Band, that sort of genre, etc).

There’s plenty of movements with the band themselves, the guitarist, drummer, lead singer, so on and so forth.

There are all the performers: band members jamming together with their music crew on the trumpets, etc.

There’s interacting with the audience in general, giving out autographed shirts.  They are an generous band and super well at working the crowd.

Train gave away shirts, got some of the audience up to do chorus for one song and then another girl to do the duet of Bruises.

In the very end, they even chose one girl in the crowd who sang all their songs an autographed guitar.

Check out how we welcomed TRAIN!

(This photo was after the first song when they beamed the light on the crowd.  Amazing effect it had for my shot!)

We were an amazing crowd from start to end!

We all had our hands in the air, screamed the loudest we could,  sang along to as many songs we all could.

At other times, we clapped to the beat, moved our feet or just simply danced with the music.

This is definitely one of my best concert experiences!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

    • I think I took a snippet of that part. I should’ve uploaded it to share with everyone for this post. It was amazing! I’m serious! Everyone sang with them and when they didn’t sing, you could hear everyone singing clearly every single word of the lyrics. It was a fantastic atmosphere! They are definitely celebrated!


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