Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Bars

I’m finally back into doing some more baking!

This time was from last weekend’s trip to Rawdon which allowed me to get a big basket of fresh strawberries and a few stalks of rhubarb.  Just a side note, I have a huge obsession with rhubarb.  I even tried to plant it last year but it was a failed attempt.  I will eventually attempt it again though.  Since I manage to get some free rhubarb from my friend’s family chalet, I was able to start trying out recipes.

This was the recipe that won the debate:

For this recipe, I halved the rhubarb portion and replaced with strawberries.  Everything else remained the same.  The only issue I had (or it appeared) was the texture of the  streusel.  It appeared to not be good but after coming out of the fridge (as the recipe says) and the baking, it was perfect.

So fresh out of the oven it came, looking like this:

And a closer view of the streusel texture:

So after a night of cooling (because preparation and baking took longer than I had expected), I cut it into little squares last night.

Just look at how nice it looks.

The aroma and the taste are both very wonderful.   I probably would choose a more shallow and wider baking pan next time though.  This time, the cake was very thick because the pan wasn’t big enough.  Also I would use the parchment paper to line the pan as well so that the cutting process and removing it from the pan would be easier.   This was a great recipe, I’ll definitely be looking into making more crumb bars in the future.

 I still have a few stalks of rhubarb left so this weekend, I will be looking into baking something else.  Another post will be coming really soon! If you have any suggestions, please do tell me.

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