Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This is definitely change: TODAY! (I postponed it a few times so now I’ll extend the post a bit)

I’m going to twist the notion of this topic a bit from what the topic wanted us to do as I was sitting in front of the computer stressing out and overwhelmed with the workload that’s around me. At the same time, getting immensely frustrated over some of my clients. So lets show you a slice of my wonderful Friday to start things off and end off with Saturday.

FRIDAY (The TODAY that I had started putting together this post)

For starters, right outside my office is yet another film setting, which is rushing in preparation for filming supposedly this weekend for Smurfs 2.  They  have put a crosswalk on the intersection; changed the mailboxes to yellow ones (maybe more Parisian, I’m not really sure); conversion of two ground level offices to stores; placement of tables and chairs on the sidewalk; Pharmacie sign put up in front of one of the entrances.  I had to take these pictures away from the setting as there was a lot of security around there and sometimes they don’t let you take pictures, so please excuse the quality.

Here are some snapshots of the settings, props, etc:

This was the only picture I could get that showed it was Smurfs filming.

After work, its the usual Dragonboat practice with my team.  Dragonboat is seriously amazing.  Its a sport I’m proud to be part of and I’m extremely passionate about.  Its also what motivates to keep working out on a regular basis.  Here’s a few shots of the Olympic Basin on Parc Jean Drapeau where I have my practices.

Note that this is not my team. I don’t think I would ever bring my camera on the boat.

Just to give an idea of what dragonboating looks like if you have no idea.

 My Friday was really busy so I didn’t end up posting this up till now.  As I only got back home at 3am on Saturday morning.

So lets looks at SATURDAY!!

The big thing on this “today” was preparing and attending a wedding as my mom’s +1 (and chauffeur).  So here’s a few snapshots from the wedding venue:

 TODAY wasn’t much to say, I did finally get to sit down and upload all the pictures for this post.  Sorry for the delay and therefore, twisting the TODAY topic a little bit. Nonetheless, hope everyone enjoyed it and had a fantastic weekend!

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