Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Summer is definitely  here!

The temperature is very warm with humidity, with warm breezes, we have a blazing sun shining on us (on most days) and everyone is out and about.

Its true that all these factors means that summer has arrived to Montreal, but there is a few more things that make my summer complete…

The trees are covered with leaves;

The outdoor activities start including biking since all the paths are open now.

Look at the background, the awesome luck of being stuck while waiting for a boat to cross through the bridge.

The season also welcomes my favorite sport, dragonboat, unfortunately I don`t have any pictures of it (hopefully later in the season).

Summer also brings more than just outdoor activities.

Take a look at our beautiful Champlain Bridge, this also welcomes something else…

That`s right!

Take a look at the frames around the bridge, summer brings the roadwork/construction and as a result, traffic jams.

Still, there are many other things to look forward to in the summer.  Many activities such as fireworks, all sorts of festivals.

Its only the start to many fun and awesome events.

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