Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Hands…the instruments of our body that help us on a daily basis to write, to type (this current blog and many other things), to work, even make all those wonderful crafts and bake delicious treats.  We use them to help us maneuver our way and as a way for self-defense, etc.

This past weekend was Victoria Day weekend in Canada so my boyfriend and I had a day off  on Monday(finally a day off together).  We decided to go drive across the border and visit Ausable Chasm and take a nice hike on the trails and of course, take some wonderful pictures and have lots of fun.  Man, was it ever fun and a wonderful experience!  So I took the opportunity to use our hands as models.  Here we go!

This chasm is 150 feet deep (if I remember correctly).

All the more reason to hold on to the railings as we walk along the trails and stop to take pictures.

Somewhere along the Dry Chasm trail, the path went between two trees, my boyfriend puts up his hand and says,

“You can’t pass through here!” (haha~ very funny)

Nearing the end of the trail, we finally took a break and my boyfriend decided that he wanted to observe a pine cone.

(At least I think that was what he seemed to be doing.)  There it is, where he is turning it around in his hands.

As a nice memory of the journey, I specially requested for this picture:

Of our hands on top of each other with our entrance bracelets saying AUSABLE CHASM!

On a side note, Ausable Chasm was an amazing place to go.  I would highly recommend it for people like to enjoy the outdoors, hike and be devoured in nature.  Honestly, what place could beat being in a place that reminded you of a fusion of Uncharted (PS3 games, for those who don’t know) and a little slice of paradise?

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