Raspberry and Creme Angel Cake

My goodness, so much baking these days! The past Saturday was my boyfriend’s birthday so we celebrated by making a homemade burgers and seeing as I love to bake, I made him a birthday cake.  I don’t think it actually turned out as well as I had anticipated because I had to substitute a few ingredients.  I worked hard to make the appearance a bit better also.

My inspiration came from here: Strawberry and Creme Angel Cake (click on link for recipe)

So back to a bit of my baking process.   First of all, I made my own angel food cake instead of buying store-bought.  So the time frame was increased by a little bit.  Also, instead of making it strawberries, which I had originally wanted to but raspberries were looking nicer at the groceries that day.  This caused it to be a bit more sour.  Also, instead of zest and orange juice, I replaced it with vanilla extract.

This cake was supposed to be trying to replicate a cake sold at a grocery store nearby called a Strawberry Sable cake.  It had the side covered with sliced almonds, unfortunately I realized that we ran out of sliced almonds so I replaced it with coconut shred.

This time, to decorate I also bought some white decorative icing to decorate.  it was the first time so hopefully next time, things will work out better.

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