Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This topic was a bit hard to achieve this week.  When I saw unusual things, I didn’t have my camera or cell phone.  What is unusual is the weather in general, I’m sure many people around the world agree with that.  The last 2-3 days has been crazy hot.  Its nearing end of March, we just had first day of spring and we reached 25C and yesterday was rumoured around 30C during the day.  So yes, very unusual.  Makes me wonder what will happen to summer? I’m not complaining because today I made it a point to eat quickly and go outside to shoot some photos of Old Montreal while looking for unusual objects or places.

I did realize that when you put all your energy into focussing on whatever is around you, you tend to notice so much more.  I always knew certain places were where they were but never really knew that there was a Spa on the water for example.  Interesting concept, no?

Behind, you can see one of the most unusual architectural beauties in my opinion of Montreal.  Built in 1967 for the Olympians to live called Habitat ’67.  I loved it so much that every year I make an effort to go look at it whenever I have the time, especially during the summer.  Below you can see the more zoomed in version of Habitat ’67.

So aside from this unusual building and unusual location for a spa, this unusual weather helped me take some very nice pictures.  To end this post, I’d like to share two of the best that I liked a lot.

The railroad ramp crossing through this area.  I never actually noticed this before.

Aside from that, I work at the Old Port so I was looking around and realized how astonishing the ships actually look under the blazing sun.

Unfortunately by the end of the day, we already started getting some rain. Hopefully the sun and nice weather will return soon.

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