Dr Seuss` The Lorax (2012)

After remaking How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), The Cat in the Hat(2003), and Horton Hears a Who! (2008), this year we finally have the remake of the Lorax.  Honestly, the Grinch and The Cat in the Hat remakes didn’t particularly amuse me all that much.  On the other hand, Horton hears a Who! was fantastic and absolutely fun to watch.  Now we have the Lorax.  The Lorax is my favorite book out of Dr. Seuss’ works.  Its always been like that.  I love all the other stories but this is the best in my opinion.  With that said, when I heard of the release of the movie (finally!), I was extremely happy.

Last month, I was flipping through the trailers of upcoming movies on YouTube and saw the one for The Lorax.  I was slightly disappointed.  Other than having a strong cast for the voices, I was wondering how the additional storyline would affect the outcome of the overall movie.  Although I had my doubts till the moment right before going to the theatres on Friday night, I have to admit that it was still one of my most anticipated movies of 2012 (mostly due to personal reasons).  After all, I had one thought in my  mind and that was: How bad could a movie made with the CGI similar to Horton Hears a Who! and the creators of Despicable Me actually be?  So I ventured off last night with my boyfriend to check it out.

I’d like to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  The movie was definitely one of my favorite animations.  I watched it in 3D (no IMAX as it wasn’t an option in the theatre I went to).  The added storyline was fantastic and gave it a fun twist.  It was a very simple story of how a boy does what it takes to please the girl of his dreams, even if it meant something that was seemingly impossible.  It was cute and at times, hilarious. I think that in a story where there was a deeper meaning to grasp, the additional story line couldn’t overshadow it by being too complex and something that could help loosen up the atmosphere of the movie a bit.  After all, Dr Seuss was targeted towards children therefore it had to be entertaining and easy to understand.

Also, they added in little dancing and singing parts which helped make the whole movie very fun to watch.  The music was very upbeat.  I don`t remember the last time I went to watch a musical and actually was moving my feet to the music.  I am absolutely crazy about musicals but an animation with music reminds me a bit of Disney.

According to me, I think that this movie was fantastic (although my boyfriend found it a bit lengthy at parts), but I think that its a great kids movie and stayed true to its actual message, while adding new elements.  I have to say this is very rare and hard to achieve when its an adapted feature.  I highly recommend The Lorax.  If you need a night out to just feel rejuvenated and be put into a great mood, this is a great choice!

Now, I have to leave you to go, read the Lorax  (lost track of how many times I`ve read it) and reflect on the word UNLESS.

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”– Dr. Seuss


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