Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

Hope is something we have to have the courage to face another day, to face new challenges as we wish for better days ahead or a better turn in events in our lives.  We have hope for continuous growth in living things (humans, plants, animals) during hard time.  We hope for a better future, better fortune, happiness, luck, health, etc.  We hope to have little occurrences that brighten our day.

Chinese New Year just passed.  Today is the 7th day of the Lunar New Year and its supposedly the day that we celebrate everyone’s birthday.  For Chinese New Year, our houses are all decorated with proverbs that wish for better things in the new year.  All the flowers we choose is a symbol of some sort of blessing or hope or wish for the new year.  The food we prepare also has significant meaning as well in hopes for having a more prosperous new year.

Here are a few examples:

This is an example of proverb that we hang around the house.

This one sends us hopes for a new year of happiness and achieving what our heart desires.

The flowers we choose to decorate our house is also those that bring on nice symbols of hopes for a better year.

We use lilies a lot to symbolize happiness/harmony in relationships.

Below we have the “string of gold” that I talked about last week.  Of course, this one symbolizes hopes for prosperity and fortune in the new year.

Being Chinese, the Lunar New Year has significant meanings other than simply the feast.  It brings in new hopes for the New Year.  Hopes for a better career, better health and most importantly, much more happy moments to come in the future.

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