Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Who can really achieve simplicity in their life? To me, I’m simple.  Perhaps, its because I’m ordinary, but then its the fact that I don’t desire so much that I stress myself.  I have one goal in life and that is to be happy with myself.  If that is your ultimate goal to be happy with what you have, then you are simple.  In my mind, aside from reality pushing me like those 300 Spartans (previous blog), money is not a big issue.  Having lots of money doesn’t equal happiness to me.  I’m not materialistic and I enjoy what I have and savor every moment I spend with the ones I love and care about deeply. To me, that is a simple life.

Here I present to you my interpretation of SIMPLE in a very simple drawing (that’s the extent of my drawing skills).

The words: Simple (簡單)written out by hand in English and Chinese.

Simple is such a subjective term.  What may be simple to me may not be simple to you.  The only time when  I feel everyone will feel (almost) equally simple is when we are surrounded by nature.  The clouds, the sky, butterflies and flowers (and other living things), flowing rivers to great oceans, are all things we cannot control but when we are looking out into oceans (rivers and seas), we find inner peace.  When we look at the sky and the moving clouds gently pushed by the wind, we feel relaxation.  When we look at butterflies fluttering and flowers blooming (even budding), we feel wonder and natural beauty.  These feelings are natural, simple and come from our hearts.  But still, these are my interpretations and how I view it, but not necessarily  you or the next person to stop and read this blog.

An actual picture of what I mean:

Simple blossoms of a flower we call “String of Gold” in Chinese.  We have these flowers around the house slowly going into full blossom as it welcomes the Year of the Dragon.

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