Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

I had a fun morning doing this self-portrait using my two newest additions to my wardrobes to “model” with.



This shirt is the newest shirt I bought from Alex Goot (an awesome YouTube artist) merchandise. Absolutely love the slogan from his song: “I’m not crazy, I’m just sensitive.”

Please excuse the awkwardness of the above shot as I’m still learning how to hold such a big camera and take a picture of myself.


The next is my mittens that I bought at the Salon des Metiers D’arts in Montreal.  Its an annual art and crafts show.  This year, these mittens were my gift for myself.  This place was a new stall I believe called Creation Sarcastik and it had super cute merchandise with these little monsters on them.  I had to crop this picture to avoid seeing the mess in my room.  Below you can see the actual pattern of the monster.  Although in this picture, the gloves need to be facing downwards and put together to see the complete monster.

For this photo and the one below, I used the self-timer to take multiple shots within 10s span, a function I love a lot on my Lumix.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

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  3. Hi! The shirt looks nice on you! I was wondering… I was gonna order the Alex Goot shirt. What size is that because I’m not sure what Meduim looks like and What Large or Small looks like. Please reply!


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