Topic#333: How do you decide on New Year’s resolutions?

Topic #333:  How do you decide on new year’s resolutions? Have you ever gone back to evaluated previous resolutions, and why they worked or didn’t work out for you? What did you learn?

New Year’s resolutions is something that I started this year.  One of my best friends sent me an email to exchange New Year’s resolutions in the beginning of January and we were to sent each other back the emails and tell each other how we did. 

My resolutions were like big project goals for myself.  It gave me the motivation to work hard and focus on certain aspects.  Subconsciously my mind would run back to the resolutions that I made and amidst a busy schedule, I would find time and set shorter term goals to attempt to accomplish them.  Although, for 2011 resolutions, a lot were only partially accomplished but will be possibly set up to be completed in 2012 and I’m rather happy about that.  It helped me break some bad habits and improve my lifestyle, sharpen some fantastic creative skills and make time for spontaneous challenges (for example, Post a Week Challenge and NaNoWriMo 2011). 

I also learned some valuable lessons from my resolutions this year and the results from them.  When setting New Year’s resolutions, you sometimes need to think of stepping up from what you know but not overstepping it so that it was way overambitious.  One of my goals was really above my knowledge and thats why its not even close to completion and it will probably be the hardest goal to accomplish.  Although, it has lead me to learn a bit more every while that I work on it. 

This year is almost over and I’m rather happy on how my resolutions has made certain changes to my current lifestyle.  I can see these changes improving my life and thats what resolutions are all about. For 2012, I will have a new set of resolutions, which will hopefully be more feasible than 2011 resolutions. This makes me anticipate the new year even more as there will be more adventures, more projects to create, and especially more learning experiences. 

Fun times!  I’m ready to write my resolutions in a few weeks.  Are you?

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