Weekly Photo Challenge :Celebration

Everyone celebrates in their own way.  For me, other than the family celebrations for Christmas, December also means Cookie Swap with friends.  This annual event is starting to become a tradition!  This year we had a wonderful turnout for baked goods!

The whole turnout of baked goods! We had (from left to right by row):

Earl Grey Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Hot Chocolate Cookies, M&M Cookies, Jell-O Candy,

Snickerdoodles, Rice Krispies Squares, Gingersnaps, Pistachio-Cranberry Biscotti,

Linzer Cookies, Green Tea Cookies, Molten Chocolate Cookies ( not sure the name).

The first gingerbread house!

Celebrations can be for anything.  During the day, we had a bit of flurries.  At night, we spent time with friends.  We had a cookie swap but we also celebrated good times with friends, possibly welcoming winter and the approach of the holiday season!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge :Celebration

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