December: End of NaNoWriMo! Start of the Holidays!

December is finally here! Its also the time that we acknowledge that the hectic month of November and NaNoWriMo has concluded.  My first NaNoWriMo brought out a whole new creative side of me.  I may not have won it this year.  I did write 23,147 words of a novel and I intend to finish off the novel in the month of December at a less hectic pace.  I may not have won but the experience was absolutely amazing.  I went into a zone that I never knew that I could achieve.  Also, there were certain lessons that I learned to improve for the next NaNoWriMo challenge.

NaNoWriMo made me learn that sometimes you can’t doubt yourself and just have to let your imagination move you along.  If I had started to write efficiently the 1667 words every single day from the beginning,  just as I had written close to 2000 words every day in the second and third week, the novel would’ve been finished on November 30th.  Those two weeks in the middle of November was possibly the best experience ever.  I literally breathed my novel.  I would be writing everywhere.  Whether it was on the bus to and from work (standing or sitting), on lunch break, at the gym, sitting around relaxing, if I wasn’t actually writing, my mind was constantly thinking about what to write next, what was going to happen after in the novel so that when I sat down, the writing would be smooth.  It felt good to acknowledge that I had such strong motivation in me.  This challenge really changed the pace of the remaining of the year and possibly will lead into next year. Creating a new imaginary world also brought creativity in many other things that I had started but stopped working on, so I’m happy to be ready to get back on track in December.  This challenge may have been hectic and absolutely crazy (at least I thought so when I first started) but it helped better another aspect in my life that I needed, time management skills.  So many lessons learned in one month, I’d say that it was worth it.

December 1st is definitely a big day. I put a few things behind me and embrace the holidays that are ahead of us.  We start thinking and planning for all the family celebrations and making time for fun times with friends.  We start prepping for the new year.  I walked into December 1st (today) in absolute fatigue, not from NaNoWriMo (but definitely did affect my progress of it) but with an infection which resulted into me running around looking for a walk-in clinic so I could get treated.  Fantastic day it was, right? At least, in the end I got rewarded with a final 3rd clinic that had a wait time of 15 minutes.  If you live in Quebec (or maybe anywhere in Canada), we’d know that this is absolutely fabulous and almost impossible to find especially when I got there in mid afternoon.  Even though I not only had to wait for one clinic for the their next set of appointments to realize that the doctor wasn’t coming in for the night so they had no doctor at all, therefore no more bookings and got sent off to this other one.  I guess the short wait time really made up for everything and made my day.  We learn new things everyday, I guess.  That final walk-in clinic is definitely a keeper for future reference.

As of more than a week ago, I was dying of coughing and fatigue from not sleeping for the last few days due to the all-night coughing fits that I had.  I came home happily with a bunch of medication (3 to be exact).  Whats nice is that its totally lessened the coughing after I took my first pill and after 10 days hopefully, the throat infection will be gone and I’ll be back to normal again.  Another thing I hope for is that one of the medications will knock me out tonight and I’ll finally sleep.  We do realize how much we treasure these little moments of being healthy when we get sick.  We start seeing how much a little bit of sleep is just absolutely amazing.  Especially when we have so many happy times ahead of us.  I know I have so much planned for this month and I’m looking forward to getting better so that I can enjoy every minute of it.

With this, I wish everyone a healthy December and lots of fun times for the holidays.  Another update perhaps will be after the New Year, in the meantime the regular photo challenges and/or weekly blog topics should resume as before the month of November.  I leave everyone with a thank you for those that stopped by to read my absolutely random blog update. While I run off to take my medication and get some rest tonight and embrace yet another joy of December, the end of literary abandon.  I can now pick up a novel (The Night Circus and a few others) that has been sitting on my shelf waiting to be read all November and enjoy them all.

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