Topic# 300: What do you wish you had 300 of?

As I am experiencing writer’s block on my NaNoWriMo novel and I need to find some inspiration, this topic really linked to something quite relevant. 

If I could have 300 of something, I’d have 300 Spartans.  You would know the reason if you watched the movie 300.  As the producer who made that movie is releasing another similar type of movie called Immortals this Friday, I felt its the perfect thing to desire.  Sounds silly, right? What is the point of writing if not to bring yourself into a world of complete imagination.  300 was an inspirational movies on so many levels.  It held themes that we don’t see that much around, such as honor, trust, courage, law and order, etc.  I never read the graphic novel that it was based on but this movie was absolutely wonderful in my mind.  Spartans’ mentality was great, at least they were the symbol to move forward when it seemed impossible.  For example, right now, experiencing a writer’s block, it may seem impossible to move on especially since I need to work on a few 5000 word days this weekend, but imagine 300 spartans standing behind me poking me in the back and telling me that their law is to never surrender.  Reminding me day in and day out that they fought a war against Xerxes where they were extremely outnumbered. 

Thinking about 300, I think I’m ready to break through this block and move forward.  This topic that sparked 300 Spartans in my mind, just helped give me the courage to move forward. 

To end this blog, I’ll share a few quotes that I particularly liked in 300 extracted from IMDB. My favorite 3 quotes of 300 countdown. 

3) King Leonidas: Children, gather round! No retreat, no surrender; that is Spartan law. And by Spartan law we will stand and fight… and die. A new age has begun. An age of freedom, and all will know, that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it!

2)Queen Gorgo: I am not here to represent Leonidas; his actions speak louder than my words ever could. I am here for all those voices which cannot be heard: mothers, daughters, fathers, sons – three hundred families that bleed for our rights, and for the very principles this room was built upon. We are at war, gentlemen. We must send the entire Spartan army to aid our king in the preservation of not just ourselves, but of our children. Send the army for the preservation of liberty. Send it for justice. Send it for law and order. Send it for reason. But most importantly, send our army for hope – hope that a king and his men have not been wasted to the pages of history – that their courage bonds us together, that we are made stronger by their actions, and that your choices today reflect their bravery.

1) “Daxos: I see I was wrong to expect Sparta’s commitment to at least match our own.
King Leonidas: Doesn’t it?
[points to Arcadian soldier behind Daxos]
King Leonidas: You there, what is your profession?
Free Greek-Potter: I am a potter… sir.
King Leonidas: [points to another soldier] And you, Arcadian, what is your profession?
Free Greek-Sculptor: Sculptor, sir.
King Leonidas: Sculptor.
[turns to a third soldier]
King Leonidas: You?
Free Greek-Blacksmith: Blacksmith.
King Leonidas: [turns back shouting] Spartans! What is your profession?
Spartans: WAR! WAR! WAR!
King Leonidas: [turning to Daxos] You see, old friend? I brought more soldiers than you did. ”

Encouraging quotes, no? Now I’m ready to grit my teeth, work that imagination and bring forth some inspiration. Nothing is impossible, and if it is, at least I gave it my best shot without  backing down!

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