The Value of Facebook

I’m not a big fan of Facebook personally but I use it to share things with my friends such as pictures from gatherings and parties and travel, etc. You get the idea, right? I think its still very impersonal, when I  no longer need to call my friends to see what they are up to, but rather, everything thats going on in their lives I can see via wall posts.  There was a phase in my life,  Facebook was an addiction.  No, my addiction was not stalking my friends and their friends, but yes, Farmville.  So, I’d say, Facebook hasn’t really been much of a good influence to me.  Its giving me reasons to have other addictions and not have actual physical or verbal interaction with my friends.  Yesterday, I suddenly felt like I found some worth for Facebook though. 

Yesterday, I woke up and my computer decided that its had enough so it gave me a very nice message saying, ” Operating System not found”.  Please note, I’m not a computer saavy person and honestly, sometimes I feel like computers are cursed around me as most of them really just break down without warning.  In my opinion, I treat my computer quite decently.  The first thing I panick about is not whether I need to get a new computer but whether I can save all my data in there, especially my pictures.  I brought it in for repair yesterday evening and today it turns out that my data is all gone but good news is, ONLY my hard drive died. 

Now everyone thats reading this is thinking, so what does this have to do with Facebook? The difference between yesterday and today is that even though I know that my hard drive has died, and its very much confirmed as my laptop is getting a new hard drive installed, I’m not so worried about my pictures anymore.  Sure I lost a lot of pictures, some permanently, but the majority good ones, I realized that I posted it up on Facebook.  Now you see what I mean by Facebook’s value?  It became my backup drive without me even realizing.  

Sounds rather stupid to admit this, but I have this horrible habit of not backing up my stuff and Facebook has been there to save me possibly the second time already.  Facebook may be a bad influence to me but like many things, its proven to me that it has its own value of keeping my precious memories that I captured on camera safe, even if its only partially. 

Thank you Facebook!

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