Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Living in Montreal is not like Hollywood although its becoming increasingly popular to shoot movies here.  Luckily, I had the opportunity to witness it right next to/in front of my office building.  During last week, the production of Warm Bodies was being filmed outside. We weren’t allowed to take pictures the day of the filming.  I do believe that I saw the main actress on scene.  Fortunately the evening before, I caught a zoomed in version of part of the scene with my digital camera.  All this worked well, since that night I had a concert to go to, so I had brought my digital camera with me.

Another opportunity are spontaneous acts of nature that happen in split seconds, such as little things that happen that gives you a quick response to capture.  A few weeks ago, I posted up a picture of butterflies for a past photo challenge.  Opportunities are even more natural when it occurs in open space. For example, the picture below, where I took as a complete random point and shoot and I captured what I wanted:

Can you see what I was trying to capture?

Maybe we can take a look below at the shot before this one.

Do you see the dragonfly hovering around and then landing on the plant?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

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