Top Ten Favorite Songs (Part 2: Chinese)

Took a while but here is part 2 with my top 10 favorites for Chinese songs.  If I can find the Youtube video, I’ll put it on the side just so anyone who hasn’t heard it can listen to it.

1) 我的愛-孫燕姿 (

2) Fly Away-梁靜茹 (

3) 流沙-陶喆 (

4) 來讓我跟你走-彭羚 (

5)一首簡單的歌-王力宏 (

6)無聲仿有聲-謝霆鋒 (

7)舊日回憶的山丘-容祖兒 (

8)火熱動感LaLaLa-鄭秀文, 梁漢文,郭富城,許志安 (

9)原來你什麼都不想要-孫燕姿Version (

10)望月-張學友 (


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Songs (Part 2: Chinese)

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