Canada Post vs. Postal Workers

Its been about 3-4 weeks that we’ve been going through this whole situation between Canada Post and the union to reach a possible agreement. Its also come to my knowledge that day after day the confusion is more and more and people really have no idea what really is going on.  I’m not saying I’m the encyclopedia of it but at least I know for one that people are actually completely ignorant of the situation and making rash and rude comments about it.  I haven’t commented much on this topic at all, mostly because I know that without the full knowledge of the whole situation (which I do have more than others as I’m connected to people who work there), it makes yourself look like an idiot for making inaccurate statements.

A lot of people seem to not understand the whole process of what went on.  To give a general recap on the situation, the union and Canada Post went into discussions since a long time ago to settle a new collective agreement for the employee.  When that wasn’t met after a few months, the union agreed to go into rotationary strike.  The meaning of rotationary strike was to go approximately 24 hour rounds of strike in different Canada Post plants across the country selected in order by the most affected or by the order of implementation of the new system that has affected the workers there in general.  This part I’m not too sure about so I won’t comment further. Anyways, to continue on to the recap, after 2 weeks or so of rotationary strike, Canada Post decided to lock out the employees.  Till today, that is the situation that they have been locked out and now the government is trying to enforce a special legislation to allow the workers to go back to work.

So looking at that situation, my personal opinion will follow.  For one, the postal workers are not at fault.  Try stepping into their shoes before you comment.  In the first place, the union wanted to fight for their benefits and the benefits offered to the next generation of employees along with their safety issues, etc which is all reasonable but at the same time, they did not want to affect the people.  The people being their customers which is us (the fellow Canadians).  A rotationary strike affects one city at a time and it was not a complete walk out on the entire population.  I think this was a good call. If there were completely selfish, they could’ve just done that instead now having the doors slammed in their faces.

I read in an article of a huge dramatic losses due to the rotationary strike, which I truly believe was over-exaggerated.  For sure there was an affect but honestly, reacting with a lockout is just being stupid.  Imagine the losses due to the that.  For one, the people has lost trust in the postal services even more.  On top of that, with all the online services being a very viable option and possibly one of the biggest contributing factors to the decrease in revenue for Canada Post, many people has turned to that option instead at least in that situation, they have full control over future situations like this one.

In this whole situation, Canada Post/the Government forgot one important point, this is a public service and that they are dealing with a crown corporation.  Or maybe, its exactly for this same reason that the irony of how Air Canada (private corporation, I believe) had a strike for one day or two (not too sure) and had a special legislation right away and they are back to work whereas, our dear bundles of mail including our much awaited bills and monthly/weekly subscriptions of magazines or whatnot, is still stuck in the system causing troubles for businesses and the general public.  You see, as I was typing up this blog, a thought went through my mind, Air Canada and their revenue has no direct impact on the government, only the economy as they affect the people coming into the country, so maybe thats why the special law went so soon as it helps the big picture of improving the economy.

As for Canada Post, in reality the government has full control over the decision.  Why? Look at this, they were the ones who set the lockout.  The union wanted to go back to work with the requirement that the old union contract was reinstated whilst discussing the new agreement but Canada Post refused.  Then they are the ones that decide to pass a special back to work legislation.  So if you look at it, who as the advantage? I’m saying Canada Post and “indirectly” the government.

Note: This blog is simply my personal feelings and analysis of the situation and is not meant to offend anyone.


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