How do you define a friend?

I’m going back to an old topic as the current topic hasn’t inspired me much.  For the past few days, the concept and discussion of friends and family has been really huge in my life. A few things have happened and a few chats with friends has made me think back to things in the past.

How do you define a friend? I  think everyone has a different view of a friend but in general, its someone thats there for you through thick and thin.  A person that understands you and never hesitates to give you the wake up call to snap out of a situation or listen to you over and over and over again about same and repeating and new problems (whichever comes).  A true friend (which everyone doesn’t have many in a lifetime) will be there no matter how far apart they are and still reconnect automatically the first moment that they talk again and always makes you feel like they are there even when they aren’t right beside you.

Its hard to find friends like these and for me, I can probably count a bit more than a handful of people in my life at max that fits in that role of being a good friend.  I’m in no way targeting any of my friends.  Its just to me what I described was a “good/best” friends to me.  Everyone has a few of their own that are in that role and its completely acceptable.  To me, to even be friends is something that life brought to us and its a blessing to have them around.  A reason to be thankful for and that gives us the motivation to try to keep in contact with as many as we can and continuously build and strengthen the friendship.

Any type of relationship is hard to maintain.  Friendships are also the same.  We need to take time to take care and blossom the friendship and there has to be a natural vibe or connection that mutually forms between the two people.  Therefore everyone can’t have all good friends but there are just friends that could eventually move up as a good friend with time.

I’ve met a lot of new friends and with every new friendship, I hope to be able to have another solid friendship that will last long and eventually have good friends that care about each other.

To conclude this blog, I just wanted to  talk about an article that I read that explained that there are two types of friends in everyone’s life, one is called drain and the other called radiators.  The main difference is that radiators are usually the keepers as they spread warmth and positive thoughts and emotions to the atmosphere whereas, drains are the ones that treat friendship like a hotel and every time will come by and fill your life with negativity and just bring all bad emotions into the atmosphere.  Just as everyone could be an “introverted extrovert” (a term I learned recently), there can also be drains that may mislead to be a radiator.  I went through my friends and sometimes its hard to really define them as either.

3 thoughts on “How do you define a friend?

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