When did you realize that you were an adult?

These days its been full of all these serious topics.  I have to eventually write one so what better than one about realization of adulthood.

For me, I think my mind realized that I was an adult relatively early in life.  Of course the more you get older and start working, the notion of being and acting like an adult is strengthened when you realize that you have to start assuming responsibility for everything you do.  There are many more things to consider whether it is for your own good or simply when you realize that you not only need to think about yourself but everyone (and everything) around you.  Realizing that everything you do does not only affect you in some way but possibly the people around you whether emotionally or physically (depending on the situation, of course).

It is actually quite ironic at times when I think about this issue.  Most kids want to be all grown-up but for me, as I grew up and started having to see all the crazy things out in the world and fully acknowledge every truth of good and bad and being revealed to human nature in general, you start wanting to become naive.  That way, you don’t have to think or analyze the situation around us.  Ignorance is definitely bliss. 

I think most people realize that they are an adult but whether they act or want to act like one is completely their choice.  Although, I do believe that everyone should retain a bit of the child within us.  For me, I know being able to let go of being an adult and going back to my childish things puts me into a phase where I can stop thinking about everything around me (mostly the problems) and enjoy the simple things in life.

One thought on “When did you realize that you were an adult?

  1. I do not want to grow! What preoccupies me the most is to become financially free asap. Once money is no longer controlling me, I do not do whatever I want. 🙂


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