Toronto Food!!

When we were on the trip, we had talked about making a blog of all the awesome food that we had there.  So after a few weeks of delay, I finally decide to post up some of the great food that we had discovered (or re-discovered) in Toronto!

(This was sitting in my drafts folder so even more delay.)  If today’s topic wasn’t to finish a draft and this was my only draft that was incomplete, I probably would have even dragged it out longer (perhaps till my next trip to Toronto).

Every road trip has its normal and doses of fast food.  Surprisingly on this trip, we ate McDonald’s once (or twice).  If I remember correctly, that was just the beginning of the trip. As we moved along, the food just got better and better. So lets take a look at what we ate.

This was our lunch at Korean Grillhouse on Queen Street.  My friend had Korean BBQ and I had Chicken Fried Rice.  My fried rice was really amazing.

After shopping, we went to get ourselves some comfort food in the various bakeries around the areas.

The first stop was at OMG Baked Goodness.

Our second stop was at Sweet Flour Bake Shop.  What made us want to go is that we can make our own cookies by choosing two ingredients to mix pre-made cookie dough and they bake it on the spot.  So in 2 minutes or something, we get our own customized cookie. The cookie in the middle was the my customized cookie which had macadamia nuts and pistachio.  It was pretty good.  The one after that was my friend’s and its a mix of snickers and coconut shreds.  She even made a name for it but unfortunately I don’t remember it.

For dinner we to Asian Legend in Markham, we ordered these 3 dishes.  We had eaten at Asian Legend last time we went to Toronto but the one in Chinatown, so this time we chose one closer to where we stayed.  The first one was Steamed Pork Buns (on the far left), a Shanghai specialty.  They make it so tasty. The second dish was a new one that we tried and it was to wrap up into rolls to eat.  The third dish was Four Seasons Beans and this was the best.  The way the cook the beans is just amazing.  I remembered last time, we sat around trying to figure out how they did it during dinner.  Definitely will go to eat there again next time.

So this was the meals and food we enjoyed in Toronto.  Hopefully whoever hasn’t tried this and goes to Toronto will be inspired to try it out.

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