Something me and my friends talk about all the time is teleportation. I still remember conversations when we say, “If only we could teleport ourselves…”

So where would I want to teleport myself right now? I have a little dilemma because I’m torn between two places that I’d love to go to right now. Although in reality, anywhere for vacation would be wonderful. 

The answers is that I’d beam myself to Bora Bora or to Santorini, Greece.  Why? Because Bora Bora looks like paradise and Santorini absolutely looks captivating.   Absolutely romantic and fun in both cases.  With Valentine’s Day coming, the romantic in me is just getting all hyped up to do something special.  But then, what could there be? I’m a huge romantic and I’ve already had lots of arts and crafts things done.  But one thing, I haven’t done in a while with my boyfriend is a nice trip away, just the two of us.  Teleportation would fix a lot of those problems.  So today above all days, being Chinese New Year, very important to me and my family, is the perfect day to have this wonderful time imagining all the fun things that await us in life and dreaming about teleporting to Bora Bora or Santorini is definitely top of the list, especially when I’m surrounded by stress and pain at work.

Whenever I feel like crap, my boyfriend will always tell me to close my eyes and picture being someplace, mostly Bora Bora, in his examples.  He tells me to picture the details.  Close my eyes and this is the image that I see when I get to teleport and experience in Bora Bora. You hear almost complete silence and only little rippling of water and feel a soothing warm breeze blowing.  You slowly open your eyes and observe your surroundings.  You look above and all you see is a streak of sunlight shining down on you and you are sitting in a little hut of some sort.  Slowly you walk towards the wooden railing and in front of you is clear blue, aqua color waters just like a blanket of it, it extends way out till somewhere that feels like the farthest extent of Earth.  The water is so clear that you can see all sorts of colorful fish swimming near the top.  Imagine how relaxing that is.  It feels a bit like paradise.

Although maybe its the few movies I’ve seen thats shown the Greek Islands and Santorini, Greece is a really captivating place also. Also because it has waters surrounding it and in Santorini, they have very nice little houses along the hill or whatnot.  I remember seeing pictures of it.  For example, in Sisterhood of Travelling Pants, one of the girls, Lena goes to Greece for the summer and I believe it looks a whole lot like Santorini although I’ve never really went to research the exact location.  Greece is along the Mediterranean Sea I believe so there should be more waves.  I just would be so amazed to jump into the waters or listen to the waves crashing along the shore or the rocks that run along the seaside.

Maybe its the crazy amount of stress I’m experiencing at work right now with deadlines and the mix of the crazy romantic in me, if I were to teleport at this moment, I’d go to these places because in my opinion, water and sounds of waves are very relaxing.  Also to be completely surrounded by nature, is very relaxing and this is also very romantic (if you are with the person you love). 

Although teleportation hasn’t really been to our disposal, lets all close our eyes and use our own teleportation (our imagination) to fly away to wherever we want to go!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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