Yesterday’s topic, “Do you want to live forever?”

I was due for two posts last week but was not inspired so here is the postponed second post on living forever.  Coincidentially, I had thought about writing something based on a similar concept and that was writing something that compared the world of vampires and other supernatural beings that screenplay writers and some really popular novels have been based on.  Immortality makes me think of vampires.

For those who don’t know me, I’m a huge vampire fan.  I’m starting to have something for werewolves sometimes but when they transform, they aren’t too charming. hehe~ Okay, so with that said, I’ve been an addict to True Blood (still am slightly), but right now, my obsession is Vampire Diaries and BBC series, Being Human.  Don’t kill me to all those Twilight fans, I was never big on it. I didn’t read the novels, nor did I watch all the movies.  I just watched New Moon and that was enough for me.  Oh right, and my absolute favorite vampire series that got cancelled after one season (have no idea why), Moonlight.

Vampires are pretty much immortal until they get staked in the heart, of course, some say they can burn in the sun and turn to ashes but the twist is when some can walk around in broad daylight.  Details only, so they are generally immortal until they try to commit suicide or get killed by someone else.  Still the subject is living forever, vampires can live forever.  So when I watch series, I sometimes wonder if it would be fun to be a vampire.  If it was so fun, why do most shows show how vampires hate immortality.  They want to be mortal.  Recently, I’ve been watching Being Human Season 1 and there was one scene where the woman was going to die and the main character, Mitchell, offered her the choice to be a vampire so that she can escape death and all the pain. She didn’t take his offer because dying is the process of living.

I think that although dying, to some, is a scary concept because of the unknown, it is part of the process of life.  I would love to live forever if I could do whatever I wanted such as having all the time in the world to travel and explore every single corner of the world.  But I’m also pretty sure that if I didn’t have that liberty, the excitment would escape really quickly.  The same routine of life for the next 500, 1000, a million years?  Life is about evolution, if I was the only person that lived forever, I may see it evolve but if everyone lived forever, then no one would want to move forward.  Honestly, with the current situation of everything, as humanity evolves, seems like we are all destroying earth. I’m not an environmentalist in any way, but we see wars, suffering, and deterioration of earth, mother nature dying bit by bit. Some say that the end of the world is 2012 or something (never saw the movie, don’t know about the whole concept of it).

Basically, what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t want to live forever.  Supernatural beings don’t seem to enjoy it that much and I’m a bit skeptical as to whether I  want to see how Earth will evolve. Afterall, ignorance is bliss.  To end this off, I’d like to share a quote that I heard a few years ago when I was watching a Hong Kong movie, called “Wait ‘Til You’re Older”.  The quote is basically translated to this, ” Life is a process: Pity is that is that it cannot be relived but fortunately it doesnt need to be re-experienced either.”   This is actually one of my favorite quotes.  It kind of reminds of saying Live Life to the fullest.  Life is a process and this process begins with being born and ends with dying.  So why not enjoy every day and moment that we have, so that in our final moments, we have no regrets.

Afterall, since the Qin Dynasty, the emperor back then already wanted to discover the perfect pill to have immortality but was never successful.  What would the world be like if he did succeed and lived till this very moment?

2 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. I just wanted to say that nothing lasts forever and we gotta just enjoy life and have no regrets. Life is about experiencing new things and just having fun because we never know when were going to die.


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