Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

After over a month of seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m FINALLY finishing up what I started.

Its weird that I didn’t do this sooner because for one, my movie experience was pretty peculiar.

Not quite as memorable as the whole dog in a theatre nudging on my chair annoying as when I saw Gravity, I sat next to a very peculiar guy with his girlfriend who not only walked past us countless times (we prefer aisle seats) before the movie started, he finally sat down and started answering to my sarcastic comments that I was saying to my boyfriend in the previews.  It was a bit weird because I don’t really mean to interact with strangers.  Movies are like my little bubble.  So, yes, as I’ve thanked Cineplex before, I thank them again for having armrests that go up so I could scoot closer to my boyfriend ;)

Plus, we were in a smart crowd and I wanted to high five the (approximately) 80% that stayed for the after credits scene. FINALLY, people are getting it ;)

guardians of the galaxyDirector: James Gunn

Cast: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan

I’ve taken so long to write this up that I don’t really think that I can add anymore than everyone has already said.  Guardians of the Galaxy is an awesome movie and it was so much fun.  If there’s anything I would say is that I rarely find the villains of these team superhero movies to be really villainous.  Thats the only thing really.  Granted, the appearance of Ronan is a lot creepier than say Loki in The Avengers.  Yes, I had issues with Loki but thats because I hadn’t seen Thor so I didn’t know who he was.  I appreciated him more after I caught up with the Marvel movies that came out before The Avengers.  Right now, our focus is on this new team, Guardians of the Galaxy.  Point is, I had a lot of fun with this one! :)

Normally, here’s where I’ll start writing the review but this time, I’m going to approach this in a different way: a list of what I liked about the movie, which is EVERYTHING!

TEAM AND CHEMISTRY (plus a hint of their humor)

guardians group




Star Lord

ROCKET WITH GUNS/Groot & Rocket Bromance





There you go! Just 5 short and quick points about what I  loved about the movie.  There are probably a few other ones but off the top of my head and to get this out of the way ;)

The last is my fave.  Groot is an amazing character because c’mon, he had 3 words to say through the entire movie over and over again and different intonations gave it a different feeling.  My fave part was where he was having a conversation with Rocket and even though all he said was “I am Groot”, Rocket totally got what he was saying (or maybe he was just pretending?).

Either way, I love it! :)

What are your thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy? Is there something else that you liked?

My Weekly Adventures!

Life is an adventure so anything I do qualifies! So before you start talking about how watching TV isn’t, thats like saying reading a book isn’t. I can pretty much say that there’s a lot of readers who would disagree with you.  We are explorers and we travel to lots of fun places. Maybe you think I’m crazy but I’m not ;) So to saythat this week is less actually going somewhere but just achieving little things.

Before we move along with this, I’d like to remind or bring to your attention that my Halloween Movie Marathon Poll has been up.  If you haven’t seen it or having voted, please head on over HERE to help me out :) With some earlier planning, I can get more movies seen in October and make it an amazing month, especially with all of your help/recommendations!

1) Dragon’s Den!

dragon's den poster

I absolutely love watching Dragon’s Den.  I skipped a few season in middle but when it first launched, it was one of my favorite shows.  Its really grown to be completely amazing.  Although some pitches are just completely out there, some are really awesome ideas.

The last episode where recapped some of the some deals are usually amazing.  Its all so amazing to see people’s dreams become a reality.

2) Splurging on TV *blush*

A little shameless selfie :)

A little shameless selfie :)

I never intend to splurge and I pretty much don’t impulse buy anymore. And I didn’t because I fully planned to go out and get Season 2 of Arrow but then I was thinking, I have to catch up with Vampire Diaries also. Now I’m waiting for Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 to go on special too (but then I didn’t watch Season 9 yet so its not so rushed).  See, I’m still logical, right? ;)

I’m trying to not go too crazy over Arrow so I started watching Vampire Diaries on the weekend.

3) A Productive Weekend Starts….Harvesting Herbs

Vegetable Herb Harvest

Lemongrass, Orange Thyme and Yellow Zucchini

The weather got cold really fast last week and somehow is supposed to get warmer this week again….gradually.  Either way, it was the kick in my butt to speed up the process and let my fatigue take the backseat.  Thursday night activity consisted of going to harvest everything I could while there was still a bit of light before sunset.  Orange Thyme and Lemongrass is currently in the drying process.

4) Bike Support for my Friends

Thanks to my friend who took the picture

Thanks to my friend who took the picture

Oasis Marathon is going to be happening this coming weekend so my friends who are going to do the half marathon along with one doing the 10km and 3 others in for the fun went out for a group jog.  My job was to be bike support for their 17km run.  It included making sure that they were hydrated and giving them directions and scouting out the route ahead.  There were heavy winds and then my bike support broke down near the end because of bike issues.  Note to self, next time make sure to bring tools.  I did manage to bike very slowly home after making sure everyone passed the intersection to head home.  It was a pretty fun day and I biked a whole lot of distance and I was so tired after but I couldn’t let my body slow down because the garden and my house needed me.

5) Transplanting in and out


Top Left are the transplanted flowers from pots for next year

Between early morning before bike support and coming back afterwards, I got the two flowers at the top left planted into soil.  They should be both perennials viable in my zone.  They were also paired with others so I needed to pot those right away and brought in a few plants as well.

indoor plants

Eucalyptus, Orange Thyme and Citronella Geranium inside

This is only partial because others are by the bay window or in the dining room. Still a lot of transplanting to do this week and then hopefully it will be done…for now. Next is the shopping for spring bulbs and getting those in the ground.

6) Workout room done!

On Saturday, after the run, I went to battle the anniversary sale in Walmart and aside from a bunch of household products, I also ended up getting on special the final touches to our workout room.

Hello workout flooring ;)

Hello workout flooring ;)

Oh right, my boyfriend’s weights.  Mine haven’t been moved yet.  I can’t possibly lift that.  All I can do is roll them across the floor when they are in my way.

7) Making Awesome Ribs


I know I’m backtracking, but on Friday night, I sat down after running errands at my place with more moving stuff around and came home to make my ribs.  Ended up eating at around 9:30pm or something but they were so worth it.  I don’t know the measurements but I used soy sauce, smoked paprika, ground pepper, honey, ground coriander, herbes de provence to marinate it.  I did marinate it in the morning and then just popped it in the oven for 1.5 hours in the evening.  They turned out amazingly delicious :)

8) Autumn Chrysanthemums

wpid-20140920_084154.jpg wpid-20140920_084149.jpg

Nothing more to say on that.  So beautiful :)

9) Hot Pot (aka Chinese Fondue) with my girl friends


One of my girl friends came back from Western Canada to settle a few things so we got together for a hot pot hang out.  There was so much food and it was amazing to chat with the girls.  Its always filled with fun and laughter.  And we’re even going to go see The Maze Runner together this week.  Yay! :)

10) Favorite Quote this Week

dark side

It was a tad tiring and busy but it was pretty fun as well.  I’m looking forward to seeing The Maze Runner.  I can actually see the fuzzy finish line in this whole moving business where I’m trying to do it slow and by myself so I can save money, still, its almost there.

How was your week? Tell me about it!

Happy Monday! :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

This week’s challenge is to show humanity.  Its hard to show humanity if we go the idea of compassion and kindness.  However, humanity can also be seen simply as just mankind. So here we are!

This is also hard because I’m not much of a photographer when it comes to taking pictures of other people, except people I know and for the most part, I avoid putting up other people’s pictures unless I have their consent.  These are random shots I took that reflect a bit on the culture in other a few places I’ve visited.  It could be just crowds and certain people doing various tasks wherever they live. From the street musician from Frankfurt to the how people live in rural areas of Egypt to cultural festivals in Hong Kong along with the crowds up till Macau with its cute postal service booth.

I’m not exactly sure it fits the topic but this is my best effort.

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity. To check out more, head over HERE!

Awakening Thoughts: My First Steps to Living by J.D. Hilton

I’ve been reading a lot of YA novels for the past while.  A LOT! I always like to switch it up a little and I’ve been meaning to read one of the most inspiring and thought provoking bloggers that I follow, JD Hilton.  I actually met Jonathan last year in Maine when I went to visit and we sat down for lunch and had a nice chat.

When he announced that he released this book Awakening Thoughts, I bought it right away and finally I took out the time to read this.

Awakening Thoughts: My First Steps to Living

by J.D. Hilton

Awakening Thoughts

Self-help books are a genre I rarely tread in however, this wouldn’t be considered a self-help as its really what the author has learned over the years in regards to living a positive life.  Its presented in 10 chapters and each gives the readers a process of what aspect can help to live a more positive life.

From personal experience, achieving a positive mindset towards life is sometimes challenging and its an everyday reminder to keep it up.  Even more so when things take turn around and don’t quite go your way.  I’ve been working on achieving this sort of positivity and for the most part, I’ve been pretty successful.  It has a lot to do with recognizing what poisons my positive and injects negative and changing my mindset.  After all, you are the only person that can control how you think.

However, completely separate from this book but Awakening Thoughts is exactly that.  If you are seeking a positive mindset, it tells you certain ways you could do it and how to approach it. However good you are at maintaining that mindset, its always good to be reminded of how important it is.  Some days, I do forget also and thats when it all starts slipping away.

Awakening Thoughts is a really good motivational book.  We all need to know that there are other people fighting this battles to find a better way to live life, to be more positive and a lot of times, its those little things that we forget to look at.  J.D. focuses on these things and he pulls them into perspective so that the readers understand it well.

You can’t judge books in this genre because its all even more subjective than the fiction novels and whatnot.  If you can relate and get something from it, as I have, you will think its great.  The final goal is whether you will be absorbed in this thought-provoking process and if you are, you will find an immense joy in reading this, even if you have achieved this one way or another.

Awakening Thoughts is a good way to start heading towards that positive life and just be happier with where you are at. To me, it was a nice reminder of what I’ve gone through, almost similar steps in the chapters, to be where I am. Its a reminder to not forget to stay that way because when you let the negative back in too much, it is so hard to climb back out of that hole.

This is the first book in a three book series related to this topic.  I definitely look forward to what else JD will write about in the next one :)

JD Hilton’s blog is  called Mind Connections where he writes inspiring posts.  You can find it HERE!

Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Poll!

October is only about 2 weeks away.  That means, its now straight to business with getting everything in order for the Halloween movie marathon and planning out Halloween month in general.

The past few years, I’ve kind of worked on what I had and did specific marathons.

This year’s marathon will officially and finally decided to be Friday the 13th! I just received the last 3 movies to complete my boyfriend’s collection so I’m set to begin any moment (which I probably will) unless I kick my previous Halloween marathon stats in the behind.  This marathon alone consists of 12 movies! TWELVE! I average around 15 movies each marathon so seeing as I plan on doing at least 10 other movies outside of the marathon, the schedule is going to have to shift earlier in the viewing process so that I don’t end up tight on time like Halloween and scrambling to find remaining movies as well. I’m planning to change that disorganized habit from last year’s marathon.


1) Wrapping up the Halloween franchise: Halloween Resurrection


  •  Friday the 13th
  • Friday the 13th: Part Two
  • Friday the 13th: Part Three
  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
  • Friday the 13th: The New Beginning
  • Friday the 13th: Part VI Jason Lives
  • Friday the 13th: Part VII The New Blood
  • Friday the 13th: Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan
  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
  • Jason X
  • Freddy vs. Jason
  • Friday the 13th (2009)

3) My boyfriend’s request: The Shining

Now, for the rest of the selections, this year I’m asking all of you to help me.

I have split it into 3 categories: B-Horror (up to 3 choices), Psychological Thrillers (up to 3 choices) and “Everything Else” Horror (up to 5 choices).

The more votes I get the better because it’ll help me narrow the choices! If you don’t know the movies, thats fine.  Still vote.  Maybe you like the title or maybe you’ve heard something good about it.  Help me spread the love and get others to participate as well :)

There are an immense amount of choices on Netflix so I’d really appreciate the help! If this is successful, next year we’ll be trying this out again! I will keep these polls open till the end of the month!

Netflix doesn’t categorize thrillers and more specific horror thrillers so I made choices based on the descriptions.  If you find any more dramatic than suitable for halloween horror, please tell me in the comments.  I’d really appreciate it! :)

Lets start voting!!! Looking forward to how this will turn out! :)

Charlevoix Day Trip!

On Sunday at about 9am, my friend met me at my place and we set out for our day long drive to Charlevoix.

I’ve already been a few years ago during summer vacation with my boyfriend.  We actually came across the whole area on a spontaneous desire to see where the autoroute 132 would lead and ended up with some pretty amazing scenery.  Last time we didn’t stop at a lot of viewpoints but I was fully aware of the beauty of the landscape itself.  However, an unfortunate situation with technology, aka a virus attack, wiped my computer that fall and those were the only pictures that I had not backed up yet.  Actually there was some other ones from Canyon St Anne, also in that area, but I’ve been meaning to go back to that region for a second visit and redo my pictures. So, here I am!

It takes about 4.5 hours to get to La Malbaie and a little bit less, maybe ten minutes less to come back.  Its highly feasible as our main goal is to make short stops at various viewpoints we come across and take pictures or take short visits in whatever location.

This drive would lead us for a first part of a rather uneventful drive is to get to Quebec City. Its essentially nothing much to see for 2.5 to 3 hours.  The best part is seeing cows and farms and endless straight roads surrounded by trees. However, the weather was a little gray when we left but took the turn for the better as the day went on.  That always helps :)

Our first stop was after crossing the Pierre Laporte Bridge in Quebec City to the autoroute next to the Montmorency Falls Park, which we drove by and then further down, we reach a beautiful church called St Anne du Beaupre Sanctuary.  I was here last time as well and its just amazing.

St Anne du Beaupre Sanctuary

St Anne du Beaupre Sanctuary

Parking was per person so we tallied up to $4 and went off to take a walk around the area and inside the church.  There was a mass going on so I kept the pictures at a minimum and only in the other rooms and not where there was the actual mass, because thats not only against the rules but also quite disrespectful.

St anne du beaupre sanctuary

st anne du beaupre sanctuary

st anne du beaupre sanctuary

After walking around a little and my friend going to get a shooter glass for his collection for this trip, we were on our way again.

Next stop: Baie St Paul –> The beginning of the River Route

The first viewpoint is also the beginning of the River Route along with the Charlevoix tourist information centre.  I always like to visit these because then I can get a good idea for future trips, especially for the next time my boyfriend and I go hiking.  Other than beautiful scenery, the best part about Quebec is all the mountainous areas and all the hiking trails.  Its the biggest province in Canada but its not densely populated so it leaves lots of rooms to connect with nature :)


Viewpoint #1


Viewpoint #1

After grabbing a bunch of pamphlets and maps and seeing all these potential hiking trails, my enthusiasm came right back (probably even more than before that long morning drive felt). The scenery is breathtaking already and this is just the start.

Back in the car and on to the next viewpoint! This time, we are going uphill for a bit and buried in a mountain side looking back into the water and land.


Viewpoint #2


Viewpoint #2

After enjoying this and taking a bit of an opportunity to stretch out, while cursing at the stupid car that parked super close next to mine despite ALL the other places, especially since it was a close maneuver to get out and back onto the uphill (and pretty busy) road, I finally got out and continued along.

The next viewpoint is located in an area called Les Eboulements as in the mountains that surround it.  Its pretty much a plateau looking over the St Lawrence River and also if we went further near the coast, it would be the ferry to go over to the Iles aux Coudres, an beautiful island that you can see partially in two pictures below.

Les Eboulements Charlevoix

Viewpoint #3

Les Eboulements Charlevoix

Viewpoint #3

Les Eboulements Charlevoix

Viewpoint #3

I’ve never been to Iles aux Coudres but I plan on going one day.  It looks absolutely beautiful and there’s tons of activities to do.

After this area, the rest of the River Route starts going downhill till we eventually get to the coast running along what I believe is the St Lawrence River with a few wharfs, beaches and whatnot.  We eventually saw that where there were a few cars that pulled over.  That is our final “unofficial” viewpoint.


Viewpoint #4


Viewpoint #4

St Irenee Charlevoix

Viewpoint #4

This was a really comfortable and peaceful place to look at.  It did eventually get a little too breezy and that was when we knew it was time to head home.  At the end of this River Route along the Route 362, it merges back at La Malbaie, the final region and merges back into autoroute 138 to go back home.

The drive home was pretty intense, especially the first part going back to the Quebec City area.  I had to make a stop to freshen up with some lovely green tea.  And on we went back home pretty much afterwards.  I had stopped drinking tea for a few months already so I guess my body completely reacted (or overreacted) to the caffeine because I was wide awake for the next 4 hours and made it back right on track at around 8pm.

It sounds a bit crazy to do a day trip with that many hours to get to our destination and just taking pictures but believe me, the view in Charlevoix is part of the 1000 Places  to see before you die book.  Its soothing and breathtaking.  You could even go back via the Mountain Route, which I was supposed to do but apparently I missed the part to go in so we skipped that and just left.

Beautiful scenery, a nice escape, road trip, good company…I really couldn’t ask for more.

Have you been to Charlevoix? Which viewpoint do you like the best?

Montreal Comiccon 2014!

The past weekend was Montreal Comiccon! I’ve never been to Comiccon in Montreal and although last year I wanted to go, I had to give it up because I had something more important in the form of TIFF for The Wind Rises and Rigor Mortis.  I totally do not regret making that trip. However, this year, I’m working on the Montreal events and this one was right on the list and I bought the ticket right when they were released.  I only got a 1 day pass.  However, after Saturday, I’m positive that I’m going to be going back and maybe even for 3 days if they have great guests..we’ll have to see for next year.

Lets not get ahead of myself: here’s how Saturday went!

Shortly after running into Day’s Lee, we saw Spiderman perched on the railings on top of the escalators leading to the hall looking awesome.

Montreal Comiccon 2014


The line-up was super intense.  It was one line to get our tickets checked, then another line to get our tickets scanned and hands stamped then up the escalators and weaving all over the place to eventually get to the exhibition hall area.  Apparently, starting this year, Montreal Comiccon took over all of Palais des Congres (the convention centre in Montreal) so it covered all the floors.  We took a good look at the map to get to the first Q&A.  The lineup took longer than expected so I didn’t get to Billy Boyd’s Q&A so we went straight to Star Trek with three lovely ladies, Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby and Gates McFadden.

Montreal Comiccon 2014

Star Trek Q&A panel: Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden

I haven’t watched a lot of Star Trek.  Only bits and pieces of it: a little bit of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine mostly.  However, these ladies was absolutely a joy to watch.  They were all extremely hilarious and entertaining!

Getting out of this one, we looked at the time and found it perfect timing to go straight to lineup for Sir Patrick Stewart’s Q&A in the main exhibition hall.  We sat down to eat lunch while waiting an hour in advance.  We chatted a little and before we knew it, we were moving inside. We managed to sit in the middle of the last row in the first section.  Still, my zoom wasn’t great so this was the best I could get.

Montreal Comiccon 2014

Sir Patrick Stewart Q&A Panel

There is something amazing about seeing Sir Patrick Stewart.  It could be the whole crowd giving him a standing ovation as he entered the hall.  Or just how completely classy he is while bringing in lots of funny moments.  He is extremely charming to watch and so very much achieved.  It was really something to hear him talk about how he didn’t take himself getting a role in Star Trek serious as his family didn’t either and how even when he got he role, he didn’t unpack the whole time because he wholeheartedly believed that they would realize they made a terrible mistake and would kick him out.  When asked who was the best to work with in all of XMen, he thought for a second and said Ellen Page.  He even explained in a funny way how he should be called Sir Patrick (as opposed to Sir Stewart) and even joked with someone who said Good Evening although it was clearly the afternoon.  Regardless of the questions, he took each one and gave it his own twist and it made for an extremely lively and fun panel to listen to.

Plus, he gave us a quick 5 minutes update of what he is up to.  Aside from the next X-Men movie, he is part of this Seth McFarlane produced sitcom called Blunt Talk.  And he recited some Shakespeare which I didn’t record the whole thing.

After this panel, and finally finding our way to get back downstairs, we managed to get to the main area where there was tons of amazing costumes.

There’s a whole bunch that I don’t know.  If its part of video games (newer ones) or anime, chances are I won’t know them.  However, the efforts are amazing.  So amazing that Day’s asked me if maybe we should do it next year.  I mean, I did a pretty quick version of Resident Evil before.  With a year to plan, I’m sure I could ressurect that or do something else.  Its always something to consider.

After a bit of shopping and photos, we had to get to Q&A panel for Danny Glover.

Montreal Comiccon 2014

Danny Glover Q&A

Danny Glover is an actor that I’ve known more of his more recent roles.  I know what he has done before and I really should get around to see those roles.  You can tell that he’s a man with a lot of deep thoughts.  Plus, he took a lot of time to give detailed answers to the questions.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing and had to leave, and even that apparently wasn’t soon enough for the next Q&A.

The next Q&A panel was in the main exhibition hall again and this time, although arriving 45 minutes in advance, we ended up lining up right at the entrance of the waiting area.  That was pretty intense.  This Q&A was for Stephen Amell :) Its also my last Q&A for the day.

Montreal Comiccon 2014

Stephen Amell Q&A panel

Needless to say, although I was only 3 rows back from where I was for Sir Patrick Stewart earlier in the day, it was far enough that you can’t really see much.  Still, he had people lined up to ask him questions even before he entered the stage.  There were two rules as he entered with the Comiccon host: No marriage proposals (because he’s already married and he touched his wedding ring at that same time) and no asking him to take off his shirt (because then the host would do it). I wasn’t exactly sure on what to expect for Stephen Amell because I am a newer fan of his and I haven’t followed his social media much either.  However, everyone asks a lot about the stunts and asks him to recite lines like “You have failed this city”.

He talks about how he wants to get the chance to do all the stunts himself and sometimes he really works on a simpler but more realistic version to make it work.  He did that for one scene where he tells the stunt crew about how they were robbing him of the opportunity to slide over the hood of a car and he argues to get it shot both ways and eventually  his way works better and thats the one they used.  A charming and funny guy to listen to.  He makes a few jokes and talks about how he would love to have Arrow as part of the Justice League movie except with shooting schedules for TV series, it wouldn’t work for shooting a movie.

The best part was this part where they asked him to recite the lines for the opening of Season 2 or something (I couldn’t hear that question properly) but he gave it his own twist and decided to do the first opening of the pilot in Season 1 of Arrow instead.

After this last Q&A panel, we were ready to walk the exhibition hall and all the vendors and stalls. They had a few things for viewing and we took pictures here and there.

Montreal Comiccon 2014

Indiana Jones

Montreal Comiccon 2014


Montreal Comiccon 2014

Doctor Who phone booth (100% of donations went to Montreal Children’s Hospital)

Montreal Comiccon 2014

Piglet visiting the Comiccon

Montreal Comiccon 2014

Little Big Planet 3 poster at PS4 booth

This may sound stupid but I’d totally get a PS4 JUST to play Little Big Planet 3.  Thats how much I love it.  Just to justify this picture a little.

Now, I was being extremely cheap and kept thinking about the photo op and eventually by the time I wanted to do it, it was full.  So to end this post off, its not Stephen Amell but this guy has a fantastic Arrow costume.

Montreal Comiccon 2014

And that was my first Montreal Comiccon! It was so much fun and I’m definitely going again next year. Whether in costume or not, I’ll think about that a little first ;) However, next year’s Montreal Comiccon is now pushed into early July, set for July 3-5, 2015.  If you are looking to check it out, jot that down on your calenders!

Also, please go check out Day’s post on the Montreal Comiccon right HERE!

Which costume up there do you find the most impressive?  Out of curiosity, would you like to see Arrow as part of  the Justice League movie?